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Alone and lonely

I’m alone and I feel lonely. Its always hard to be alone in my house or even when I’m around people. I dont do so well by myself. I’m a social person by nature. I get bored easily and I need to be distracted and socialise with others so negative thoughts and emotions dont creep in. The flashbacks are always worse when I’m alone. Its like my mind has time to think and process stuff more. Well of course it has with nobody around to talk to except nitro, and believe me I do talk to him. We have lots of cuddle sessions on the bed. I put the radio on for company or sometimes I just listen to music on my phone on the spotify ap. If there is something that will hold my interest I’ll watch tv but I’m not a huge tv fan. I would not watch it for hours on end. I just wish the flashbacks would not be so intrusive. I need a break from them.