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Making time…

I’ve been neglecting my hobbies lately. I really need to start putting time aside for myself again. Time to do the things I like doing, for example, reading. I started a great book, its a Cathy Glass book called please dont take my baby. I read six chapters, and then I stopped. I have thought about picking it back up over the past week but I just never did it. This weekend I will definitely pick it back up. I’ll be traveling on a train on Sunday and on Monday, thats the perfect time to read my book. As reading is a favourite hobby of mine, you’d think I’d do it more often. I do have tons of books just waiting for me to read them. And, I want to review all the books I am reading on my blog…yet another reason why I need to start reading them. I will get there I’m sure. I just need to set my mind to it.

Feeling flat

Today I feel really bla. Just really unmotivated. Like I cant be bothered to do the things I would normally do, the enthusiasm just isnt there, its really frustrating.
I did go to the monthly book club meeting the NCBI runs, and I did enjoy it. So I guess I am not totally unmotivated. There were only a few of us who turned up for the book club, but we still had a good discussion and I hadnt read last months book, so I enjoyed the discussion of it and I am thinking it may be something that I might read in the future.
I have so many books that I need to read, both on kindle, and on audible, I just dont know how I am ever going to get to them…its so hard to make time for everything I think. I should stop buying books until I’ve read the ones I have first.
I was meant to have therapy today, but I didnt go. I woke up just feeling so moody, and irritated, and just, I didnt want to deal with having to open up in therapy, talk about stuff, and so I canceled.
I’m supposed to see my psychiatrist Dr. Barry tomorrow, but I am canceling the appointment too. I have a workshop that I need to attend on self advocacy, and I dont want to miss that. I will see Dr. Barry next week, so not going for one week wont make any difference really.

Was meant to see Mark our ocupational therapist today..but didnt

So…I was meant to go see our occupational therapist Mark today. I didn’t go. Call me lazy, but…the weather outside is miserable. Its been raining hard all morning, and…I just didn’t feel like going out and getting soaked to the skin. So I texted him at 9 AM, our appointment was for 12 PM. I said that I wouldn’t be coming but that I’d phone him later. And I did. We had a long chat over the phone. And we rearranged our appointment for two weeks time. He’s a really awesome person who knows how to do his job and do it well. He said he had lots to discuss with me when we meet next. We’re going to finish doing the interest list, and he and I did some research into different things, like singing lessons, the gym and membership, swimming and cycling amongst other things. This is all so I can become more involved in the community, to make and build connections, all so that my mental health will be better and I’ll have other things to focus on to keep me well and stable. A bonus to our conversation today was he asked if I am ok, if there is anything I needed to talk about, or tell him, if my weeks been ok. He didn’t have to do that. He didn’t have to care. It left me feeling really cared about and since I didn’t see Dr Barry this week because she’s on vacation, it was nice to have Mark check on me to ensure I’m ok and safe. I honestly feel really really lucky to have such an awesome and dedicated team supporting me and helping me through all of my struggles. Mark isn’t even part of Dr Barrys team, but when I moved over to her team about a year ago now, he kept me on as a client. He also didn’t have to do that. Its not usually done. So I really do feel blessed and so very lucky to have him as part of my team.
Carol anne

walking group

so yesterday I went out to meet the walking group I decided to join. this is a group of visually impaired people, and we are paired up with sighted guides. so we went for a walk that lasted an hour. then afterwords we went back to a lovely restaurant for dinner. it was so lovely. I really enjoyed the walk and so did nitro. nitro actually had two walks yesterday as our dad took him out for 40 mins yesterday morning also. so when I got back to our parents he slept like a log because he was sooo exhausted. the fresh air did me the world of good I think. and my sighted guide she was lovely. we chatted a lot during the walk about all sorts of things. about books and tv and xmas and our families and all sorts of random stuff. the walking group only meets once a month, I wish we could meet more but i’ll take what I can get. I had a lovely meat feast pizza for dinner. it was huge. I didn’t finish it. I am looking forward to next months walk already :d.
carol anne