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Weekly weigh in

Yesterday I had my weekly weigh in. I didnt do as well as last week. I only lost one pound. But I’m still glad. Its still a success. At least I didnt go up when I stepped on the scales. And Karen my nutritionist said it was ok, that some weeks I might not lose much, and some weeks I might lose a lot. This week I’m going to focus more on exercise and exercising. I’ve been so focused on food and my food intake that I kinda neglected exercise and wasnt that motivated. I need to work harder at that this week. But I’m happy. I’m losing and thats the most important thing.

Weight loss success

I had my first weigh in yesterday. I was down four pounds! I’m so thrilled.
I cant believe I actually did it, I lost weight. All the hard work was worth it. I’m so proud of me.
My goals for this coming week are to drink extra water, two bottles a day if I can, and to exercise 5 out of 7 days. I dont have a food goal, as I’m doing great with my food intake and making healthier choices.
I was so nervous going in to Karen. I thought for sure something would go wrong. But I shouldnt underestimate myself. I did great and it was a great result.
Heres to another great week this week.

Day 1 of my new healthy lifestyle!

So today marked the first day of a brand new me. A healthier me. I’ve been trying so hard. I definitely should get brownie points for trying!
This morning when my PA came I ate a bowl of cerial, fruit and fibre which has fruit nuts and other healthy things in it. I also drank some tea. In a couple weeks I’m going to try cutting down on tea and coffee but not right now. After breakfast I went and bagged up all the crisps-chips that I had in my house to give them to my mom. I had pringles and other flavours of crisps-chips, but I decided if they arent in the house then I cant eat them.
Then when I went grocery shopping I bought all healthy stuff. No chips crisps, no chocolate, no icecream, all fresh produce, fruit, vegetables, and the obvious things like meat and stuff for dinner during this coming week. I got fresh blueberries and raspberries, yum. I also got bananas. I bought more granola, rivita crackers, brown bread, etc. I was really pleased with what I got. My PA bought coke, chocolate, and crisps chips for her lunch but I didnt, instead I went to the salad bar and got a chicken noodle salad and ate that with some brown soda bread for my lunch.
Later on this afternoon I went to moms for a visit and I ate dinner there, I just had some bread roll with chicken in it. They were also having salad again but I had had enough of that so opted not to have any. This evening when I came home I just ate a banana and a bowl of granola. Right now there is no batteries in my weighing scales but I will get some tomorrow. I would like idealy to be down about 5 pounds this week if possible but I’ll settle for 3 if I can. My goal is two.
So a productive day was had and I am very pleased with myself! Its all about changing habits.
Tomorrow will start exercising!

Seeing our nutritionist after a long break

So yesterday we saw Karen our nutritionist. We hadnt seen her in about six weeks. I was nervous about going. I knew I’d put on weight and I hadnt been working on healthy eating, healthy lifestyle, etc for the last while. It all went by the way side. So we had a 40 minute apt yesterday. She weighed us as she always does. And oh my god, I couldnt believe it. I’d gained 7 pounds. 7 fucking pounds in six weeks. I was so deperessed. Now I am the heaviest I’ve ever been. And that is not good. So I’m determined now to work hard and lose this weight. We started back at the beginning of the weight loss programme again. Its a six week programme and she said if I work hard I could lose up to 20 pounds in the six weeks. So work hard I will. My goals for next week are
Drink plenty of water
Cut out coke and all fizzy drinks
Eat more vegetables
Do exercise at least five times this week
Eat more fruit
So far so good. I’ve been drinking more wather and I’m proud of me because usually I dont drink water. I dont particularly like it. I’ll see Karen again next Friday. I’m hoping to be down at least 2 pounds, my goal is to be down 2 pounds, any more than that and its a bonus.

What did you do today?

1 I got up super early, at 6 AM.
2 I had the most amazing warm shower, that really refreshed me and woke me completely up.
3 I went to therapy.
4 I recieved hugs from my therapist which were most welcome.
5 I cooked my own lunch.
6 I chatted to my mom on the phone.
7 I chatted to my partner on the phone for almost 3 hours.
8 I ate healthy meals.
9 I exercised and even when my back hurt I did not stop or give up until my 15 minutes were up.
10 I read my Cathy glass book, one chapter of it.

What did you do today?