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A better day today

Well I know its early but I am up and ready for my day ahead. Today seems a better day so far which I am so glad about. I feel like I am ready to face life and face the world in general. The racing thoughts have dulled down a little. I feel happier than I have done in days. I wont be doing much of anything today. I was meant to go to the basement club to a wellness and recovery group but that got canceled. So I think its a stay at home and chill out sort of day. I am waiting on the postman to come, because I am waiting on my monthly check which got delayed this month. Apparently they are short staffed in head office or something along those lines. I hope it comes today as I need it badly. I have bills to pay. I also want to renew my send space pro account so I can download stuff from my friends like movies and things. Hoping your all having a great day and whatever you decide to do will be fun!
Carol anne