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31 days of lists challenge day 7

Day 7: Reasons to be happy

I’m starting school soon
I have a beautiful guide dog whom I love
I have a family who are awesome and who love me no matter what
I’m alive
I have many talents and skills
I’m healthy
I have a home and enough food, and all my bills are payed
I’m not in the hospital
Life is good and I am so

Thursday updates…its been a very busy day!

So after a restless night last night, I managed to drag myself up and out of bed at 8 AM. I really felt exhausted, and I debated whether I should just stay there and try to sleep for a little bit longer. But I knew I had a lot to do today so I got up and got a quick shower, and after that I must say I did feel a lot better. I actually ate a breakfast, which I’ve started to not do again lately, even though I’m meant to be following my nutritionists advice and eating a breakfast each morning.
I went to the basement club and spent the morning there. In the afternoon there was a workshop on which was about advocacy. It was the second of two workshops on the subject. Todays workshop had clashed with my psychiatrist appointment, but I had canceled that and decided I’d go to the workshop instead. I had rang dr. Barrys secretary this morning, and she was supposed to call me back about going in to see Dr. Barry next Wednesday but that hasnt happened yet.
We left the basement club at 12:45 and walked to get a bus to where the workshop was on. Nitro did really well and was a great dog, guiding me perfectly, not making any mistakes, just being his usual super self. I was so proud of him for the great job he did. I had been nervous about taking him on the bus, because I dont take him on a lot of buses, so he isnt used to traveling on them and I thought he’d get stressed. He didnt get stressed out, but he was a little bit restless on the bus, he kept standing up, shaking, lying down and then sitting up again, etc. But overall he was fine and I neednt have worried.
The workshop was excellent. I learned a lot from it. We did a lot of work on listening skills, assertiveness skills, we also did some role playing. We also learned about advocacy and the advocacy services that are available, and how to access them. It was a 3 hour workshop and by the end I felt quite tired.
After the workshop we went for food, that was nice. Part of what I really like about the basement club is the way everyone socialises, chats, there is no judging of anyone by anyone else whose a member, its totally ok to just be yourself, everyone accepts you for who you are, no questions asked. Even when your having a bad day, thats totally ok, everyone is so friendly and always ready to listen, willing to lend an ear, or a hand, be a friend, its totally amazing.
I’m delighted to be part of such a wonderful community as the basement club. It has really done wonders for my mental health since I joined. I’ve gotten to know some awesome people and I’ve done a lot of things I thought I’d never do. I’ve learned about resources that are available that I otherwise wouldnt have known about. I have a wonderful mentor C who is fab at her job and really warm, caring, friendly, compassionate, understanding, a great listener, and always ready to try and help me where she can.
Todays just been an all around great day. I feel positive and happy, a little bit tired too, but happy, and thats the main goal really when your in recovery, isnt it?

12 things I am grateful for!

Thank you to pinkspiral, for this idea. For a little distraction from my own head, and whats inside of it, I am gonna try this challenge. I hope I can come up with 12 things! Here goes!

1 My guide dog, nitro.
2 My niece and nephew who bring joy to my life every day.
3 My partner J.
4 My psychiatrist Dr Barry.
5 My therapist Eileen.
6 My friends, both online and offline.
7 My house.
8 That I survived the abuse.
9 For my disability, because it has taught me to have empathy for people.
10 For the basement club.
11 For my family on most days.
12…I am grateful to be alive!