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Saw our GP

So yesterday we saw our GP. It was for a diabetic review. We also had to see the nurse, actually, the nurse is the one who did almost the entire review, the GP only came in for like five minutes at the end.
Two weeks ago we had bloods taken, we had a full CBC done. All of our bloods came back fine. Our cholesterol is a little off, but our GP said he didnt want to put us on meds for cholesterol, because he said we’re too young, he said he generally doesnt put anyone under 40 on meds for cholesterol. The rest of our bloods were good, and our A1C for the last 3 months was great. We’re almost back to being prediabetic again. He said to continue taking the glucophage for now and we’d look at it again in six months time.
As you all know our weight is an issue, we’re struggling with that, we always seem to be struggling with it. The nurse was really sympathetic towards us, as she said she’s struggling with her weight too and needs to lose about 50 pounds.
All in all it was a good appointment. I am happy that I am so healthy. Long may it continue.

Med wos

I’ve had a dreadful morning. I had a run around, which wasn’t any fun. Basically it was to do with my meds.

I got a prescription from Dr Barry on Monday to give to my GP. She usually faxes it to him, but on this occasion I told her I’d take it to him myself. And I did. I handed it in right after seeing Dr Barry on Monday.

Well this morning I rang the surgery to see if it was ready. The secretary said it was. So then I called a taxi to pick me up to go get the meds. A few minutes later while I waited for the taxi to arrive, the phone rang. It was the secretary. They’d lost my prescription. She looked everywhere and it was nowhere to be found. She said she’d call Dr Barry and have her fax it to them again. Meanwhile the taxi arrived, and I had to send him away. I’m sure he wasn’t real pleased about that. But there was nothing I could do.

So I went to make coffee. Just as I had it made, the phone rang again. This time it was my doctor, my GP. He asked me about the meds, Dr Barry had faxed the prescription to him. He wanted to know if I was still taking zimovane, which is a sleep med. I said no. He told me that I could only get a weeks worth of meds at a time. I protested but he said Dr Barry had written that on the prescription. I said ok but its a pain because now it means having to go to the pharmacy each week to pick up my meds.

So I rebooked the taxi and went and got my meds. And it worked out ok. I am just home, and I just took my first dose of lyrica. I hope it will be ok and there wont be any weird side effects. Also the taxi driver told me there was a sign on the pharmacy door about having meds delivered. So I may ring and ask about it and arrange that for next week. It will save me money and time.

Heading to therapy in 20 minutes. Better get ready to go…

Carol anne