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Weigh in week four

Today I saw Karen O my nutritionist. It is week four of my weight loss programme. She weighed me and I was down 2 pounds. I was thrilled. Thats a weight loss of 9 pounds in the four weeks of doing the programme. 9 pounds is a slow and steady weight loss and I am very happy with my progress. So was Karen and she said slow and steady is the way to do it, that I’ll keep it off if I do it slowly and over time. I actually reached my target goal of losing 2 pounds this week. For the past 2 weeks previous to this I only lost 1.5 pounds so it was nice to reach my goal of 2 pounds this week. Next week I’ll be seeing her on Thursday instead of on Friday because I’m going away for a couple of days on the Friday. We set another goal for next week that I’d lose 1 to 2 pounds preferably 2, but if I only lose a pound thats ok too. I said I was going to reward myself on the weight loss by going to the movies. We’ve been wanting to see inside out for a while now so nows as good a time as any to go see it. Karen also told me that when I go away for the few days that its ok to treat myself to an icecream or two because I’ll be doing a lot of walking. I also made a goal this week that I’d try to go outdoors walking more rather than just staying inside and working on my treadmill. The main thing is though that I’m losing the weight and all my hard work is paying off. I’m very proud of me and of everyone inside with me for sticking with it and doing what I tell them to do and even helping me out sometimes too. Thanks everyone and keep it up.

Being well course

Yesterday I attended a new group at the basement club. It was called being well and is going to run for five weeks. The group focuses on things like physical health, being active, sleep, dealing with stress, goal setting, etc. It was really good and I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. Yesterday in the first session we worked on the health wheel, we looked at the stages of change, and we also looked at things like our hopes and aspirations for what we wanted out of the group. We each recieved a health plan where we wrote some goals down that we’d like to work on for the five weeks. My goals were
Drink more water
Get a good sleep routine going
Cut down on junk food
Exercise more regularly
Join an evening activity

I think those are all doable and I can probably achieve some or all of them. Each week after the group is finished we eat together. The staff bring in healthy foods for us to try. Yesterday there were some vegetables and dips and some pasta. I think groups like this one are really worthwhile and positive for my mental health and my health in general.

June goals!

I thought I’d try to list my goals for June. I dont do this nearly as much as I should. I thought about doing it every month, but then I decided I’d probably give up to quickly so I am not gonna do that. Instead I am just going to start and do it for the month of June. So, here goes.

1 Try to lose 5 pounds this month.
I’ve been doing a weight loss programme with my nutritionist for a couple of months now. I havent had great success with it. This month I am going to try hard to lose at least 5 pounds.
2 Exercise 3 times a week for the month of June.
Exercise is a hard one for me, I have trouble with motivation. However I have downloaded zombies run for my phone so I am going to try to exercise using that ap. It looks like a good ap and it might just keep me on track.
3 Go on the trip to Cobh that the basement club is organising.
I’ve never really gone on any of the social outtings that the basement club organised in the past. Not sure why but I just never seem to go. This month we’re going to Cobh, and I intend on going, paying my 15 euro for the meal and going with the group.
4 Not worry about things too much if I can help it.
I am an awful worrier, so for this month, I am going to stop worrying about every little thing. I think this will be hard for me because I just do it unconsciously.
5 Allow the inner kids more time out in the body!
They do get time out to do stuff, but lately it hasnt been as much as I’d like it to be. So this month I am going to give them more time to do the things they love. To play, talk to eileen and dr Barry, etc.

OT appointment

later this morning, well in four hours, i have an apt with Mark my OT. its been a month since we’ve met. i had some goals to work on but i didnt meet very many of them. i did talk to mark over the phone a few times and he said it was ok, that if i didnt manage to meet them it was fine. so why do i feel so bad, guilty, and frustrated? i guess i dont want to disappoint him or let him down. he thinks of me as someone whose highly motivated, who does what he asks of me. i did have a lot going on these past few weeks, and he knows that so i’m sure he’ll understand. still i feel guilty and like i need to be punished. it really makes no sense to me but nothing about my feelings makes sense to me. one of my goals was to get info on volunteer work, and i did achieve that one. i rang the national council for the blind and they sent me the application form. i am going to bring it with me today and we can look at it and mark did say that he’d help me fill it out, but we probably arent going to do it this morning. one of the other goals i had was to go to the gym more often, but i didnt do that one. i’ve kinda neglected the gym. i think i’m going to ask mark if we can just focus on the volunteer work for now as a main goal. i’d like to be volunteering somewhere for the summer months. i should be in bed asleep but as usual i’m awake. too much coffee in my bloodstream, lol.

Ot and psychiatrist appointments

Just got home from both of my appointments. Saw Mark the OT first and that went well. We talked about me doing some volunteer work, and today I am going to ring our local volunteer centre, and make an appointment to go in to visit them and I’m also going to ring the National Council for the blind, to see if they can send me out an application form. Mark said he’d fill out the application with me, and he also offered to go into the volunteer centre with me if I couldnt find anyone else to do it. I thought that was very sweet of him to offer. I’m thinking if they’re open on saturday, I could go in with my P.A Deirdre. If they’re not open then I will take Mark up on his offer. We also talked about exercise and more to the point motivation and mark decided to help me out by doing up a spreadsheet and emailing it to me so that I could keep a log of the exercise I am doing. I told him I’d try it for a month and the next time we meet I’d bring it with me to show him. We decided we’d meet again in 3 weeks time. He’s also going to ring the school where I’m going to go in september and see what is happening with my application, as when I rang last week the manager wouldnt talk to me and gave the information to his secretary to tell me, which frustrated me to no end, because I thought he could have taken the time to tell me himself. I also saw Dr barry today. We discussed me possibly telling my mom that I’m struggling, not sharing a lot with her but just telling her my mood is low and I’m trying to manage it as best as I can. Dr barry said that if I didnt tell her and things were to completely fall apart that she’d be very confused, since she thinks I’m doing really well. So she said its only fair that I tell her and give her some idea of what is going on. We also talked about my feelings of insecurity because I have been having thoughts this week of what if Dr Barry left, how would I cope, I dont think I would. Dr barry encouraged me to challenge my feelings around that, she said she thought that I had the resources within myself to cope if that were to happen. I said I didnt think I did. She reassured me that she had no plans to leave but she reminded me that I’ve come very far and I’d be able to build up another relationship if that ever happened. It was a good appointment and I go back next week to see her again.