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Book review-My dads a policeman by Cathy Glass

Recently I read my dads a policeman. Its by Cathy Glass. Its a short read at only 100 pages. Its Cathy Glass’s first short story.
The story is based on a true story. It centres around Ryan, who is a 12 year old boy. His mom is an alcoholic and because of her drinking Ryan and his little brother Tommy are taken into care. Ryan doesnt want to go into care. When his social worker Duffy talks to him about it, he becomes agitated and very angry and ends up punching her in the face. Ryan is in trouble a lot because of his temper, also, even though he’s never seen his real dad, he wants to believe his dads a policeman, and he tells everyone this, even duffy his social worker. Duffy wants to split him and Tommy up and Ryan wants them to stay together. However that doesnt happen when they’re taken into foster care. So Ryan decides to run away from his foster hom and go home. He also wants to rescue Tommy. He runs away when his foster mom is sleeping. He finds his way home to his moms house, but then his foster mom finds him gone and calls the police. They come to his mothers house and try to get him to go with him, however he again runs away, and this time, they dont catch him. He ends up calling his best friend and spending the night in his house. His best friends dad is abusive and beats up and verbally abuses his kids. After spending the night with his best friend, Ryan tries to rescue Tommy, however Tommy wont go with him, he’s happy with his new foster carers. Ryan hangs around the town all day and then tries to go back to his friends house for a shower and to charge his phone. It is then that he sees the dad beating up his best friend. Eventually Ryan goes back to his moms and his mom talks to him and pleads with him to go back to his foster mom and dad, so she can go into rehab and get better. The book ends with her going into rehab, with Ryan going back to his foster mom and dad, and Tommy ends up coming to live with Ryan and his foster family. Ryans best friend ends up also going into care. At the end of the book Ryan finds out that his foster dad is a policeman, so it turns out that in the end, his dad is a policeman.
Its a great short read. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Teaser Tuesday-Based on a true life memoir

I decided to participate in teaser tuesday.
I wont give away any of the book though by putting some lines here.

What I’m currently reading…
My dads a policeman by Cathy glass
Its a short read about 100 pages in length. Its fiction, but based on a true story.
I hope you enjoy it if you read it!

Book review-A babys cry by Cathy Glass

In this gripping memoir, Cathy tells Harrisons story. Harrison came to cathy as a newborn baby. He’d come to the attention of social services four months earlier, when his birth mother had asked that he be taken into care upon being born, and adopted. Cathy had never fostered a baby so was very apprehensive about it. But Harrison soon settled into her family. Right from the start Rianna, Harrisons mother was co-operating with social services. There was a lot of mystery surrounding Harrisons case. At first Cathy didnt know why he’d been placed in care. Eventually she found out though. At first Rianna spent some weeks loitering outside Cathys house, trying to get a glimpse of Harrison. Cathy was quite worried and discussed this with her support social worker Jill and Sharyl who was Harrisons social worker. When Harrison was a few months old, Rianna came to see Cathy. She then told Cathy why it was that she’d had to give Harrison up. Her family were asian, and she’d been having a relationship with a mixed race man. If her family found out, they’d disapprove, and she felt that her cousins might kill the man, or her. An honour killing. Cathy was very shocked upon hearing this information and she told Rianna she’d have to tell Jill. Before rianna left that night, Cathy offered to let her see Harrison. At first Rianna hesitated but eventually she agreed and she saw him and it was after that first contact, a few weeks later, that Rianna came again to Cathys house, late at night, and shared that she’d told her parents and they were willing to support her. She wanted to take Harrison that night, but Cathy persuaded her to leave him with her and go through her solicitor and social worker. Cathy met Riannas father that night who also wished to take Harrison there and then. Over the following 3 months, contact between rianna and harrison was set up and Rianna saw him twice a week for an hour and a half. Eventually a decision was made that Harrison should live permanently with Rianna. A two week introductory move was planned to introduce Harrison to living with his mother. Eventually after the two weeks were complete Harrison returned to live permanently with his mother and it was very sad for Cathy and her family when they all had to say goodbye. The book is an amazing read and as always Cathy has done an excellent job of telling a gripping, heart warming, sometimes sad, but touching story of Harrisons time with her. Its well worth a read if you like memoirs, stories about people who’ve over come the odds, stories about children in care etc.

Book reviews

I’m going to start writing book reviews on my blog. It will be another regular feature that I will do.
Right now I am reading a Cathy Glass book. Its called please dont take my baby. I’m on chapter five of it so once I am done I will write a review of it on here.
Cathy Glass is a UK foster parent. She has over 20 books and they are all available on audible, kindle, as well as in paperback.
They are all amazing and I highly recommend them.

Book review-Mummy told me not to tell by Cathy Glass

I just finished this book yesterday. It was a fabulous book and one that I highly recommend.

This is Reece’s story. When Reece came to Cathy he was loud, hyper active, and aggressive. He had learning difficulties also. He did things like head butt, bite, and he’d been moved five times before he was sent to Cathy.

Over the course of the book, we learn that Reece has 5 half siblings, all of whom are in care. His mother is really aggressive too, and she too has learning difficulties. She spends most of her time threatening all of the professionals involved in the case.

A lot of the story centres on reece’s schooling, and around the contact with his parents. I wont give it away but there is a shocker in the book in regards to his parents. That doesnt come until near the end of the book though.

As usual Cathy writes with Candour, and in no time at all she has reece’s behaviour under control and modified. It was a fabulous read and I read it in two days. I really thoroughly enjoyed it.