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a mommy? for dr barry and eileen

dr barry, can you hear me? will you listen?
eileen, you too.
i need a mommy. i know you think i have one. but i dont. she is the bodys mom yes, but not mine.
she doesnt want to knoe or see me. it makes me sad. i need a mom.
can you be my mom? both of you? then I’d have two mommys? Please?
my heart gets happy when i talk to you. because you care. your special. i love both of you.
eileen because you listen to me even when i’m angry, or scared, or pissed off. Dr Barry because you give me good advice, your kind, even though your a doctor you dont act like one.
i need a mom and i’m picking both of you to be that special person for me.
will you take care of me? will you wipe my tears when i cry? will you soothe me when i’m sad, and get mad with me when i get mad? will you hear what it is i have to say?
i just need a forever mom. i know you cant adopt me so i can live with you, but can i be adopted in your hearts? please?
love, alicia 9

Book review-I miss mummy by Cathy Glass

I’ve just finished this wonderful book. As with all of Cathys books, it was a wonderful read.

I miss mummy is about Alice, a four year old who comes into foster care after her mother suffers a break down. Just prior to her coming into care, her mother snatches her and she’s missing for 3 days and nights before she’s found and taken to Cathys house.

For the six months leading up to this, Alice has lived with and been cared for by her grandparents.

Leah, alice’s mother, is a drug user, and has severe mental health difficulties. The book centres around who is going to look after alice indefinitely. First the social services want her to live with her father and his partner, then they think about adoption, but finally after almost a year alice is allowed to return home to live with her grandparents.

Throughout the story there is ups, downs, highs, and lows. I felt that this story was a good example of how the social services can get it wrong sometimes, and make bad decisions leading to an upheaval in a childs life.

During the whole case there had been four social workers in total showing that when continuity isn’t there, lots of things can and do go wrong, and could have adverse effects on the child who is in care.

I miss mummy was a wonderful read and I am sure if you read it you’ll enjoy it. I couldn’t put it down once I started it and I read it in two days.