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i still want to be adopted, but i know, i know its wishful thinking!

i still want dr barry or our therapist eileen to adopt me. i havent changed my mind on that. i keep hoping it will happen. i dont care if i shouldnt. so what? so i keep being disappointed? thats my choice though isnt it?
carol anne says its my passion in life. and she’s right it is.
i think i want it so badly because i dont feel accepted by my own family, my biofamily i mean. they dont see me. they dont accept me. they dont talk to me or listen to me. and i feel alone and lonely. very very lonely.
and being lonely sucks.
so i dream about what it would be like to live with dr barry or eileen…with their families. and it feels good, only its not gonna happen for me.
and i am mad about that. and i dont think its fair.
dont i deserve a family too? who like me? want to be part of my life? want to get to know me? who want to see me and not act like i am not there, or invisible?
i think i deserve a family too. after all i’ve gone through, it sure would be nice.
i’ll just have to keep wishing, and hoping, and probably i’ll have to keep hurting, and being disappointed…
alicia age 9

Book reviews

I’m going to start writing book reviews on my blog. It will be another regular feature that I will do.
Right now I am reading a Cathy Glass book. Its called please dont take my baby. I’m on chapter five of it so once I am done I will write a review of it on here.
Cathy Glass is a UK foster parent. She has over 20 books and they are all available on audible, kindle, as well as in paperback.
They are all amazing and I highly recommend them.

Book review-Saving Danny by Cathy Glass

I just read this book, Saving Danny, by Cathy glass. It was a great read.
Danny, aged six, comes to Cathy as a foster child, when his mother, Reeva, isnt coping. His father is also in the picture, but he works a lot, and is hardly ever there.
When danny first arrives, his behaviour is really bad, he has tantrums, melt downs, and it is clear something is wrong. In fact on the day his social worker is due to bring him to Cathy, he runs away, and Cathy has to go searching for him, with the police, and other members of staff from his school.
They eventually find him. He has a lot of quirks, like making patterns, eating his food in order of colors, etc. Cathy and his social worker think he may be autistic, but his father doesnt want him assessed.
It turns out that his father had a brother who had Cerebral palsy, and he then thinks Danny is as disabled as his brother was. But he clearly isnt.
I wont spoil the ending but it was a good ending and the book is well worth a read.
Danny has a rabbit George, who he has a very special bond with. He finds it so difficult to express himself, but he really relates to George, and when he’s with him is able to open up and say how he’s really feeling. Its very moving to read and made me cry a few times.
I highly recommend the book, and its Cathys newest book It was just released in March of this year.

Book review-Another forgotten child, by Cathy Glass

I just finished reading this book 2 days ago. Another forgotten child was a remarkable story. It is the story of Amy, an 8 year old who Cathy fosters. When Amy comes into care she is severely neglected. She also has behavioural difficulties. Her mother and father are both heroin addicts. It is unclear in the beginning of the story why Amy wasnt taken into care at birth, as all of her older half siblings were removed from susan, her mother. On the very first night, during Amys bath, Cathy finds tons of bruises on her but it is not for a long time that she finds out the true extent of how and where Amy got the bruises. Amy doesnt know how to dress herself, wash herself, her teeth are all rotted and decaying, her diet before coming into care consisted of dry toast and biscuits. With a lot of firm boundaries and love and patience Amy begins to respond to Cathy and becomes part of her family. She begins to disclose to Cathy horrific abuse both sexual and physical and also she discloses being involved in child porn and drug dens. The story does have a happy ending but I wont say what the ending is and spoil it for those who may want to read it. It is a story of courage, bravery, and of how a child can so easily fall through the net and go through unspeakable abuse as a result. It is also a story of how one childs life can be turned around given the right intervention, care, and most importantly love.

Book review-I miss mummy by Cathy Glass

I’ve just finished this wonderful book. As with all of Cathys books, it was a wonderful read.

I miss mummy is about Alice, a four year old who comes into foster care after her mother suffers a break down. Just prior to her coming into care, her mother snatches her and she’s missing for 3 days and nights before she’s found and taken to Cathys house.

For the six months leading up to this, Alice has lived with and been cared for by her grandparents.

Leah, alice’s mother, is a drug user, and has severe mental health difficulties. The book centres around who is going to look after alice indefinitely. First the social services want her to live with her father and his partner, then they think about adoption, but finally after almost a year alice is allowed to return home to live with her grandparents.

Throughout the story there is ups, downs, highs, and lows. I felt that this story was a good example of how the social services can get it wrong sometimes, and make bad decisions leading to an upheaval in a childs life.

During the whole case there had been four social workers in total showing that when continuity isn’t there, lots of things can and do go wrong, and could have adverse effects on the child who is in care.

I miss mummy was a wonderful read and I am sure if you read it you’ll enjoy it. I couldn’t put it down once I started it and I read it in two days.