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Sunday rambles

Well despite having a lot of flashbacks earlier today, I we managed to go out. We werent going to go out at all, but then guilt overtook me and I decided I needed to see our grandad, I hadnt seen him while he was in the hospital recently and I felt bad because of it. So I got a shower and went to visit him with our mom and aunt. Our aunt was also going grocery shopping so I took that opportunity to get my own few groceries that I needed to get for the week. Our grandad was in high spirits, despite all he’s been through. He’s so positive, it makes me want to try harder to be more positive. He was eating crackers and cheese when we got there, that was great because mostly he doesnt want to eat. He’s actually anorexic we think. Not in the normal sort of way, but because there are so many foods that he literally cant eat. You see he has no stomach, he got that removed a few years ago when he had cancer in his stomach. So it was good to see him eat. He just started an iron injection which the nurse in the hospital said he’d eat a lot while he was on it. We stayed in his house for about an hour. During that time we all chatted and just caught up on the weeks events. After that we went to the grocery store. I got the ingredients to make chicken curry. I will definitely get my fill of vegetables because I got mushrooms, carrots, onion and peppers to put in the curry. I’ll make enough for three days. I also got some other stuff, including a pizza which I have just eaten. Chicken fajita pizza. It was awesome, very spicy but I like it like that. I didnt go overbord on groceries because I had a lot left since last week. So I just mostly got the basics bread, milk, sandwich meat, etc etc. It was a good tripout and it took my mind off of things which I was glad about.
Carol anne