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Feelins, feelins

This morning I feel awful. My mood has dipped really low. My thoughts are racing. My mind wont shut off! I hate this feeling so much, it makes me want to run run run! Seeing doc barry in an hour…hoping she is able to give me some feedback and stuff. Kinda afraid she’s going hospitalise us, not really sure what her thoughts are but I know she knows we’ve been struggling for the past two or so weeks. If she doesn’t hospitalise us tomorrow will mark four weeks out of the hospital. Cant believe tomorrows the first of April? Our birthday is in April, not looking forward to it one bit. We’ll be 34 this year. Managed to take morning meds, almost threw up taking them. Managed to eat a bowl of cerial so thats a positive considering our ED is kicking our collective ass lately. Hoping your all having a good start to your Monday morning!
Carol anne