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Part of our story

Our mom was very young when she had us. She was only 18. Our dad is 10 years older than our mom. They’d been going out for a few years before our mom got pregnant. Our moms dad and mom weren’t the best role models, her dad was violent, although to see him now old and frail you’d never think it, but apparently he was. Her mom was sick a lot and in bed a lot. Our mom is the second eldest in her family so a lot of the responsibility for the other kids fell to her. She met and fell in love with our dad. But all wasn’t rosey in his family either. Our dads mom was an alcoholic, and his dad died in 1980 after a long illness. Our dad and all of his brothers and sisters are alcoholics. His youngest sister was killed at age 12 due to an accident she was in. His eldest sister moved away to the Uk when she was sixteen. His middle sister was the one we were most close to growing up. She died when we were 12 of throat cancer. Our dad was drunk a lot when we were little. He’d verbally and physically abuse us. We still love him even though he did those things. He’s still our dad. He has huge anger issues. His temper flares up and he lashes out. That makes anger a huge trigger for us. And our mom also. Our mom hates conflict and will do anything to avoid it. When our mom got pregnant there was outrage amongst both of the families. When she was six months along she fell and she went into labour. And we were born. We were in ICU in an incubator for 3 months. Then we were allowed home. We lived with our dads mom and sister and brother for the first two years of our life. No one knew we were blind for six months. After many trips to hospital and many eye tests it was determined that we were blind. Our dad took it hard. Our mom did too but she said she was more able to cope than he was. She was determined though that we’d talk and walk and be as normal as possible. She taught us how to talk and by 12 months we were speaking and walking. I am so happy our mom made our life as normal as she could for us. She gave us a wonderful gift in doing so.

Carol anne