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Online Trolls?

I’m very pissed off right now. I reactivated my own account on fb. Why I did, I’ll never know. It is far more trouble than its worth. I’ve had nothing but grief from some people who don’t even know me. Never met me, never interacted with any of us, but they claim we are fakers? Whatever! They must be sick individuals. I mean, who calls people fake, with out even knowing them? In my own personal opinion no person has a right to call another fake or a fake, because they do not know the other persons history or life story. This person was very nasty and I have to say has upset a lot of our system including me. I’ve had my fair share of attackers online. Its not cool. I’m sure many of you didders who blog know what I mean. I know we’ve done stupid things in the past. When we were unwell mentally and emotionally etc etc. Some people hold grudges forever it seems. And some people, who weren’t directly involved, but heard things from somewhere or someone else, hold grudges too, without knowing us! And some people think they have the right to target us and troll us. Well I say blow away, fuck you. Dont bother us. Keep bothering us and I will report you to facebook.

Carol anne