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Ok. Recently I offered that I’d like to connect with some of my readers on facebook. I have two fb accounts. One is under our real name, one isn’t. The one I want to connect with you on is under our real name. So…what I am asking is, if you’d like to connect with me on fb, comment to this post, and I will email you with the info you need. I am looking forward to connecting with you on there, too. Thanks guys.
Carol anne


I was wondering…did any of my blog followers want to be on my facebook friends list too?
I am willing to share my profile info with you if you want. Just email me using the contact email address on the contact me page of this site, or I can just tell you what my email addy is and when you contact me then we can exchange facebook info.
Email me at

Would love to chat with some of you on there!
Carol anne

Humour…I sware…Some people would try anything

Ok…I cant believe the nerve of some people. I sware they have no shame.

I was browsing the free ads on facebook, my local free ads for where I live. I came across this ad.

Dress from river island, six years old, selling for five euro.

My response to this? I couldnt help myself, I said…

For crying out loud…put it in the charity bag! No ones gonna buy a dress thats six years old!

Then I just had to laugh. Some people…they’d sell anything for a bit of money.
Carol anne

A situation has popped up

So I said I had something to talk about which has unnerved me. And I do. Its this. I’d appreciate any and all feedback on this matter.

Yesterday morning, I logged on to facebook. I checked my friend requests, as I normally do. I had two. So quickly I went in to them and was looking at who they were. My stomach did a flip and my head whirled as I read the name. Our previous therapist, of four and a half years, had requested to be my friend. Immediately I panicked. Not only had I seen this, but a lot of the littles, and older system members had also seen it. Everyone was in panick mode, and our ptsd symptoms started to kick in full force.

I dont know why she’s trying to friend me. Why? Why after 3 years of no contact, would she do this? Why, when she knows how hurt we were at the end of our relationship and when she knows how much our littles loved her would she want to hurt us now? Why doesnt she have a boundary to say that she wont do this?

The trouble with her was she didnt have any boundaries. She never enforced one single boundary with us ever. I know boundaries are not important to some people, but at least your therapist should have a few, at least then you know where you stand!
Anyway, I didnt accept it. I’m not going to. Am I wrong?

I rang our therapist. She couldnt talk just then, but she and I texted back and forth a little bit. But I didnt tell her over a text. I just said I could wait until tomorrow to tell her, but I had something important to tell her then. This needs to be dealt with. The fall out from this could have a lot of ramifications for our stability as a lot of our system were so attached to this previous therapist.

Carol anne