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Protecting Shirley, our host

So one of our blogger friends and followers asked us if she might be able to know a little bit more about shirley, our host, and why it is that we as a system are so protective of her. And yes indeed I think thats a really good idea for a post so here goes.
Shirley is our host. She is 34 the body age. She is very vulnerable and in denial a lot about her did. She does agree nowadays that indeed she does have did, but that is only because she has read her diagnostic report, and she can sometimes hear me, ok most of the time she hears me.
The reason we are so protective of her is because of a former therapist. Some years ago, when Shirley was our main fronter, the body was aged about 20 and 21, it was mainly those two years that she was a constant fronter.
We had a therapist. Shirley got on very well with this therapist. She grew to completely trust her. The therapist picked up that Shirley was losing time, and might in fact be multiple. She went to an assessment with us, we were unofficially diagnosed, but it would take many years to get a formal did diagnosis.
Meanwhile, Shirley began to divulge abuse memories to this therapist. She began to tell her things she’d never divulged to anyone before ever. And this went on for months, 9 months in fact. Then one day when we walked into therapy, the therapist hit us with
“I’m terminating with you”
“Its not your fault” But I have to do this.
Naturally we were all shocked but Shirley was broken. She blamed herself completely. She went into hiding. She never really fronted after that. She’s mostly been in hiding ever since then. Brief periods she’s been out but not for long periods of time, usually not more than a few hours at a time.
We were all really scared initially when the therapist just dumped us. We knew it was because we were SRA survivors. She never dealt with a SRA survivor before. She couldnt cope. And she had a kid who was around the same age that we were when our cult abuse started. She flaked on us. Still I think she could have been better about how she handled our departure from her.
It was a huge mess. So ever since then we vowed to all protect Shirley. And we do. Only when we deam someone safe will we allow Shirley to talk to that person. Its better that way I think.
So that is the story in a nutshell.