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Vet visit yesterday

So yesterday I took Nitro to the vet.  He had to go for a health check up, and his yearly vaccinations.  Well it turns out he had ear mites.  Again, sigh.  He seems to get them a lot.  He’s now on drops for them.  He also had a lot of plaque on his teeth.  I booked him in for a dental descaling in march.  They’ll have to put him under to do it.  He’ll be having it done on march 3rd.  He was pretty nervous at the vets, but she was really nice to him and he allowed her to clean out his ears without much protest.  I think he enjoyed having it done once the drops were put in, he enjoyed the massaging part of it.  He had to get the kennel cough vaccine as well as his yearly ones.  Thats a little uncomfortable for a dog as it is squirted up their nose instead of an injection.  It was pretty expensive at the vets.  It was so expensive because of the kennel cough vaccine, and I also had to buy him a bag of food which is 45 euro alone.  But overall it was a good visit.  I hope when he does go for his dental scaling that he’ll be ok.  He’s never had an op or mini op before.  I’m pretty anxious about that.  But the vet did say they bounce back well usually after it so I’m hopeful he will.

poor doggie

yu kno what?
ar dads dog tiny is sick
she gets seizurs
i fink thats so sad
she is a bull staff but shes very gentil
she lives in the hous all de time
shes almos 8 now
but shes gotten 3 seizurs so far today
its so sad to see her in pain
ar dad dosnt want to put her down tho
shes on medicaton for the epilepsy
but it not helping i thinks
well it did sorta help cuz it been a few months sins she had a seizure
but now it not workin any more
please keep tiny in yur thots frends
dat her wil get beter agin real soon
darina six