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Inviting people to join dissociative talk, my email support group for those who live with a dissociative disorder

I know I’ve probably mentioned it before, but I run an email support group for people living with dissociation, or a dissociative disorder. Most of our members have some form of dissociation, or full blown did. The group is an email support list, where we exchange email back and forth, on all aspects of living with did, or dissociation. We also just discuss our day to day lives, our ups and downs, while supporting one another in a safe space. I used to run the group on yahoogroups, but about six months ago I changed providers to groups.io instead. We currently have about 35 members, and the list can be busy some days and not too busy on other days. I also allow supporters, people who do not have a dissociative disorder but who support those of us who do on the list. We currently have about 3 or 4 supporters on the list who are really lovely people. As I said you can talk about absolutely anything on the list, trigger warnings are just used if a subject is triggery to keep everyone safe. Sometimes things like quotes, articles, or other links are posted as well just for some variety.

If anyones interested in joining, either as a supporter or as someone living with dissociation or a dissociative disorder, the subscription info is below.


All you have to do is send an email to that address, then reply to the confirmation email you get back and I will approve you right away.

Stupid stupid consultants and their ideas of what did is

So as you know we’re in hospital. We came in on Friday evening, last friday evening. On saturday we met the consultant who was on call for the weekend. We’d never met him before, I’d never even heard of him. He was an older man, and very grumpy and serious, he didnt have a way of making us feel comfortable in his presence. So I told him I was diagnosed with did. He shot me a “you know how rare that diagnosis is?”. I said that yes I know how rare it is. Then he wanted to know who diagnosed us and when? So I explained to him that we’d been officially diagnosed in 2010 by professionals in the field. Then he started asking me a lot of questions around my symptoms. I tried to explain to him as best as I could what they were like…and, how they effected our life. Then, all of a sudden, he said “Well, your not dissociating now?” To which I said “No, because this is something we’re working on in therapy” He thhen almost bit my head off and said dissociation is not something you can switch on and off you know. I was like yes I know that, but you can work with it to lessen the power of it and that is what I am doing here, plus also I dont know you, so insiders are not going to come out because we dont trust you. Then he went on to say many of the symptoms your describing are not classic text book symptoms of did. I almost flipped. I was fuming. So now he’s relating me to the books? So I am no longer a person in his eyes and if I dont fit his text book symptoms then I cant really have did? Crazy I tell you. I was very hurt. I did challenge him on it and he tried to backtrack. He kept telling me to just be myself, and that he wasnt disputing my our illness, but that sure didnt feel like that to me. I intend to talk to Dr Barry about it tomorrow and tell her how much he actually upset me.
Carol anne