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My did diagnosis

So as most of my readers know, I have dissociative identity disorder. Initially I was diagnosed with it in 2001. My then psychiatrist diagnosed me initially, along with the therapist I was seeing back then. In fact the therapist I was seeing is the one who first knew something was very wrong. She’d been recieving emails from the alters, this was before any of them even started coming out in our sessions. She did talk to a few of the child alters too. She is the one who said we needed to be assessed for a dissociative disorder. When we were assessed in 2001 she came with us to the assessment. After we were diagnosed our then psychiatrist left shortly after diagnosing us. We started with a new, male psychiatrist. For years we saw him and he did know but he never really treated the did just medicated us and sent us to anxiety management, relaxation group, got us in with a community psychiatric nurse, etc. Then in Marchh 2005 during one of our appointments I came out to him, I told him I wasnt Shirley that it was actually me Carol anne. After that he was great, and made a point of getting to know the insiders, and eventually, when we were hospitalised in 2006 he tried to make the nurses in the hospital accept our did and treat us as separate people. Unfortunately that didnt go very well though. Mostly the nurses in the hospital have a hard time accepting the did label. That psychiatrist left in 2007 and we started with a female psychiatrist. I should also say that while we were under the male psychiatrist he had looked into getting specialist treatment for us for our did. He looked into a few inpatient hospitals in the UK, but none would take us due to our other disability of blindness. When we started with the female psychiatrist in 2007, we also started with a new therapist. We saw her for four and a half years. In a lot of ways she was bad for us, but she also did a lot of positive things for us, including getting us some funding to have a formal diagnosis done by did experts. The did experts came over to diagnose us in December 2010. We spent a day being assessed, doing interviews, and filling out questionaires. We did the structured clinical interview for dissociative disorders too. From all the interviews and questionaires, a report was made up and we were diagnosed with did. We stopped seeing the therapist who helped us get the did diagnosis in 2011. It was purely our decision to stop seeing her, she had no boundaries, the relationship had become unhealthy, and we were not progressing in therapy. We started seeing Eileen who is our current therapist in 2012. And we’ve been with her ever since. She has worked as a psychiatric nurse for 27 years, is trained in EMDR, has her bachelors in counselling, and a masters in treating trauma survivors. So she is very well trained. We’re still seeing her to this day. We also started with Dr Barry our current psychiatrist in 2013, after the last one left to go to Australia. Dr Barry is an amazing psychiatrist, she is compassionate, a great listener, great at her job, warm, kind, caring, intelligent, shows concern, empathy, is emotionnally always available, and most importantly is real. She treats all of us not just our host. She will talk to any of us about absolutely anything. She is not afraid to show her emotions either which I like. So that is how we were diagnosed with did, in a nutshell.