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Its friday? yay

I love Fridays! I love that its the weekend.

I dont have many plans, but I plan to do something positive every day this weekend. I want to challenge myself.

Every days been so hard lately, and I want to find my joy again. I really want to find my joy. I need to remind myself selves that there is joy in life.

Today we went to the basement club, that was a welcome distraction. I love it how we’re so accepted down there. We are not asked questions about our mental illness, because we all, everyone who goes there struggle with any number of mh difficulties. So everyones just accepted for who they are and the skills that they bring. Its so so awesome.

I helped one of the other members today to set up a new email addy, and an ebay account and a paypal account. That is my positive thing I did today. I felt good after helping him. I felt appreciated too for my good computer skills. It feels good to feel appreciated.

I ate a dinner that mom made for me. It was nice that I didnt have to cook. My mom is really trying lately. Yesterday she came to the documentary launch…she even took a book home with her called “taking control of your mental illness”. I was surprised she wanted one but she did. I hope she’ll read it and get some useful info out of it.

As I said I havent got any plans for this weekend. I was meant to go fundraising tomorrow for Irish guide dogs. I was meant to sell raffle tickets, and easter eggs. I am not sure now if I will go, I am a little tired after my busy week. I’ll see when I wake up in the morning what the weathers like and if I am up to going.

I hope your all having a super Friday. Hugs to all! And happy weekend!
Carol anne

Leaves of change, the documentary

Just got back home after the launch of leaves of change, the new documentary that shine, who work with people and families with self experience of mental health issues created. It was a super documentary. The documentary featured two resource centres, well they are drop in community centres that shine run in Cork and dublin in Ireland. Their aim is to help people who suffer with mental health issues to recover. They do this in partnership with the staff who work there, the relationship between members and staff is an equal partnership. There are groups run in the centres, and also groups for relatives and family members. There is a whole lot of things going on from day to day within the centres. The documentary captured that beautifully. It was a great afternoon. Lots of photos were taken for the newspaper, and there were light refreshments. We got all done up and felt really good, lots of people complimented us on how fabulous we looked for the occasion. We also helped out with the information stand. In a few weeks part of the documentary will be online. When it is I’ll share the link. In the meantime check out shines website to find out more about their wonderful work. Visit

Carol anne