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i am feeling so awful

im feeling so very awful. i wish i had died yesterday. i know i sound selfish. but the pain, its so much. i cant bear it. it hurts. i hurts. everything just hurts all over my body and in my insides and mind and heart. i dont know why people like me. i dont deserve them to like me. i wonder if doctor barry will be mad tomorrow. i deserve her to be mad at me. i shouldnt have taken pills. but i was so upset. i was so scared. and i didnt know what else i could do. when i did it i rang our therapist. after a while i rang her. and she was good to me and helped me to know what i should do. now i feel bad for bothering her. i shouldnt have. im a failure. i cant even kill myself. it never works. why do i keep trying? my mommy jess needs me. my friends in her system need me. i have to remember that. i have to remember that they love me. and want me to stay alive.
emily age 12