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Love me challenge day 9

Day 9: Share something beautiful.
These pictures are of Nitro, my guide dog. These were taken on his first free run 3 years ago. A free run is when the dog is off harness, playing, enjoying his freedom and just being a dog and not a working dog. Arent they adorable?

My niece is sooo cute and funny!

So my niece Lauren is 7. This past weekend she said two very funny things.
On saturday evening while we were eating dinner, I had to go to the bathroom, my mom was bringing me because I didnt know where to go. When I came back, my sister promptly informed me that Lauren had said I am lucky, because I can walk around with my eyes closed. rofl.
then on sunday morning we were all sitting in my mom and sisters suite, and mom and my sis were packing. All of a sudden lauren pipes up to me, how did you manage to pack your bag when your blind?
rofl too cute.
She’d obviously been thinking about it for a while.