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Connection with dr Barry

We did not end up seeing Dr Barry yesterday. Now I feel guilty.
Some of the younger parts really needed to see her, and because It was wet and yucky outside, I canceled. If I am honest it makes me feel bad too that I canceled.
I love when Dr Barry sits close to us, gives us her great advice, hears us and what we have to say, listens so intently, I love the fact that for an hour she is totally present to us and our needs.
I miss her when I dont see her. I miss the connection.
Dr Barry, if you read this, I want you to know, I missed you yesterday, and I needed you, but my feelings got in the way.
I should have taken us to your office, I should have gone even though the weather was bad.
You weer probably worried when we didnt show up. I did ring your secretary, but I wished I could have spoken to you directly instead of her. I wanted to tell you how much we crave that connection with you, and your kindness, your touch, the way you put your arm on ours when your linking us to guide us in to your office, the smell of your perfume, the kindness in your voice as you pat Nitro, now we’ll have to wait until Monday to have all that again.
Monday, a few short days away, make the time go quickly universe.
Love, us