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Xmas day 2014

So Christmas day is over now. And I gotta say it was a great day. We were spoiled. Our parents bought us a gorgeous leather jacket. Our mom also gave us a nice scarf to match the coat which is purple and red, absolutely lovely it was. Our sister gave us a nice pair of boots, a hand bag, some beyonce perfume, slippers, a mug with a pug dog on it, but the best gift she gave us was a beautiful photo frame which had a verse about sisters on it, and in the frame she put a really nice picture of us and her with our mom that we took on our weekend away about 2 months ago. We got some other presents too from other family members like our aunts and our cousin whose in England. My cousin from england gave me some versachi perfume which smells absolutely gorgeous. I also got a gift from our P.A Joy and our next door neighbour. Our next door neighbour even bought nitro some treats which he went mad for.
Our dad cooked a really nice xmas dinner with all the trimmings. It was just us and our parents for dinner though because our little sister went to her partners family. But we did get to see her and her partner and the kids for an hour or two before they went there, so we did get to exchange gifts and stuff and it was really nice to be able to do that.
It was just an overall nice day and I enjoyed it very much. Tomorrow is boxing day and we’ll have all the family to our parents for dinner. So the house will be full and noisy but I really don’t mind, it is all worth it.
Happy xmas again, everybody. I hope the day went the way you wanted it to go.
Carol anne