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My niece is sooo cute and funny!

So my niece Lauren is 7. This past weekend she said two very funny things.
On saturday evening while we were eating dinner, I had to go to the bathroom, my mom was bringing me because I didnt know where to go. When I came back, my sister promptly informed me that Lauren had said I am lucky, because I can walk around with my eyes closed. rofl.
then on sunday morning we were all sitting in my mom and sisters suite, and mom and my sis were packing. All of a sudden lauren pipes up to me, how did you manage to pack your bag when your blind?
rofl too cute.
She’d obviously been thinking about it for a while.

Book review-A babys cry by Cathy Glass

In this gripping memoir, Cathy tells Harrisons story. Harrison came to cathy as a newborn baby. He’d come to the attention of social services four months earlier, when his birth mother had asked that he be taken into care upon being born, and adopted. Cathy had never fostered a baby so was very apprehensive about it. But Harrison soon settled into her family. Right from the start Rianna, Harrisons mother was co-operating with social services. There was a lot of mystery surrounding Harrisons case. At first Cathy didnt know why he’d been placed in care. Eventually she found out though. At first Rianna spent some weeks loitering outside Cathys house, trying to get a glimpse of Harrison. Cathy was quite worried and discussed this with her support social worker Jill and Sharyl who was Harrisons social worker. When Harrison was a few months old, Rianna came to see Cathy. She then told Cathy why it was that she’d had to give Harrison up. Her family were asian, and she’d been having a relationship with a mixed race man. If her family found out, they’d disapprove, and she felt that her cousins might kill the man, or her. An honour killing. Cathy was very shocked upon hearing this information and she told Rianna she’d have to tell Jill. Before rianna left that night, Cathy offered to let her see Harrison. At first Rianna hesitated but eventually she agreed and she saw him and it was after that first contact, a few weeks later, that Rianna came again to Cathys house, late at night, and shared that she’d told her parents and they were willing to support her. She wanted to take Harrison that night, but Cathy persuaded her to leave him with her and go through her solicitor and social worker. Cathy met Riannas father that night who also wished to take Harrison there and then. Over the following 3 months, contact between rianna and harrison was set up and Rianna saw him twice a week for an hour and a half. Eventually a decision was made that Harrison should live permanently with Rianna. A two week introductory move was planned to introduce Harrison to living with his mother. Eventually after the two weeks were complete Harrison returned to live permanently with his mother and it was very sad for Cathy and her family when they all had to say goodbye. The book is an amazing read and as always Cathy has done an excellent job of telling a gripping, heart warming, sometimes sad, but touching story of Harrisons time with her. Its well worth a read if you like memoirs, stories about people who’ve over come the odds, stories about children in care etc.

Having a pretty good weekend

Well my weekends been pretty good I suppose. I didnt stay at my parents like I usually do. Instead yesterday morning me and mom did my grocery shopping, I’ve started going for my groceries now with mom every saturday. We also go for coffee too which is nice. It is nice to get to spend a little time alone with mom. So after getting the groceries she helped me unpack and then she helped me a little around the house too before my lil sis picked her up. I spent a nice afternoon chilling at home yesterday before phoning my aunt at around six Pm last night to see if I could visit. It turns out mom was at my aunts, she’d gone there after visiting my uncle in hospital, and so I decided to get a taxi and go visit my aunt. It was a great visit. We chatted and mom and my aunt had a few drinks, I didnt drink. We had food and listened to music and had a girly night and it was a lot of fun. It ended up I dropped mom home and by the time I got to my house it was past midnight and I was exhausted so went straight to bed. I slept in late today which was nice as I dont normally do that. I got up at 8 to feed Nitro and let him out and then I went back to bed till 11. I’ve just been pottering around the house all morning since then and now I’m waiting for mom to bring my dinner. My lil sis is also calling with the kids because tomorrow my niece Lauren will be 7, but I wont see her then so I am giving her birthday present to her today. I got her some dolls, barbies, which are mummified, yes, she wanted them. Its a surprise for her, my lil sis picked them out but she told me Lauren had been talking about wanting them. I cant believe she’s going to be 7, those 7 years went by so fast.