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from alicia

its me alicia. for anyone who might not know i’m 9. i havent written in a while so thought tonight i would.
i am feeling kinda lonely. lonliness really sucks. i wish i had someone to talk to and tell all my worries to right now. but probably everyones in bed. its 5 AM after all.
my brain hurts. its hurting from thinking too much. i think and think until my brains bout ready to explode. thats not good huh?
i wanna go to the movies soon. we havent been in a while. our pa said she’d go with us outside of work hours. that was nice of her and it will be fun.
i wonder what we’ll talk to dr barry today about. i’d like to talk to her if there is time. im not sure though there will be time for me to just talk to her. i hope there will though.

my therapist broke her promise to me, I hate that she did that

im kind of mad at eileen right now.
i wanted time to talk to her today. i asked carol anne to tell her i needed time.
she did and eileen said ok. but then she forgot me. i never got to talk to her.
she said there was other stuff that seemed more important.
but im important too right? she’s always saying how we’re all important. well today didnt feel like i was very important.
she did apologise and said i could talk to her on Monday. but monday is a long way off. i needed to talk today! its not fair!

taylor…its dark and im skard

hi its taylor and im six
im realy skard
its very dark ote side
i don lik de dark
i tried to pat nitro
so i wont feel skard
it work for litle bit
but now i jus feel skard agin
i was rembering stuf
i didnt like that
memores are hard
bad fings hapen to me in de dark
a long time ago
but somtims it feels like now
is anybudy up
to tok wif me

Interview with some of our alters

I thought I’d share a video that we did about 5 years ago.  This is Abby, a little in our partners system, interviewing some of the kids in our system, and me, also.  I hope you enjoy it, I love watching it and I thought our readers would enjoy it too.


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A friend sent a package

Thanks to our friend Sarah for the care package which she sent us for our birthday.
She sent the kids a game of simon and some scented pens to color with.
They are so excited to get packages from amazon. They could not wait to open them lol.
Now they are all buzzing and want to draw but its almost midnight so I said we will wait till tomorrow to do it.
They love their present though.
It came at exactly the right time as they were all kind of upset and feeling alone and lost.
thanks Sarah! You are so kind to do that for the kids. XXX
carol anne