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Interview with some of our alters

I thought I’d share a video that we did about 5 years ago.  This is Abby, a little in our partners system, interviewing some of the kids in our system, and me, also.  I hope you enjoy it, I love watching it and I thought our readers would enjoy it too.


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Please join us on Our youtube channel

Please join us on our youtube channel. We’re going to start making videos again. Please like or comment, and also subscribe to our channel. Our videos will be about life with did, or life in general, just a glimpse in to our world. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them.
Carol anne


we goed to a movie!

Hi its darina
Gess wat
We got to go to a movie today
We was posed to go see pengins of Madagascar
But we didn’t
Ther were big crowds in de thetre
And we were fraid of dat
So we desided on somfin else stead
It was annie
Ders a new annie movie
Did yuk no dat
Shes black a black annie
So we saw dat one stead of penguins
We mite see the pengins another day
Annie was a fun movie
I likd it a lot
We got to hav soda and popcorns
And dat was yummy
We wer sited in the front row
Annie is 2 hours long
Dats a long time isn’t it
I thot so
We had fun tho with ar p a joy
Shes so nise to us
I like her
Im glad we goed to a movie
It was a nice special treat
Darina whoos six


i’ve been thinking about eileen a lot tonight. i like her a lot. shes always nice to us kids. she says real nice things to us and she never yells. im glad she doesnt yell cuz yelling is scary to me. i just hate yelling. it minds me of bad people who abused me. they would yell and scream and stuff. but not eileen she doesnt do that. and im glad bout that. i talk to her a lot these days. i tell her about all the bad stuff that happened to me and thats a lot of stuff. i dealt with the cult abuse a lot, im not the only one but i had to deal with a big chunk of it. that is very scary stuff and i hate telling and talking about it because i always fear i wont be believed. but yesterday eileen said she believed us. that felt good. it feels good to be believed by our therapist. i know they are posed to believe you. but it still feels good to be told it out loud that your believed. i want to ask eileen to hug me, like she hugged emily a few weeks ago. im a little scared to ask her. i bet she would but im just shy to ask. maybe soon i will get up the courage to ask her. she says we can ask her anything! well i gotta go now its 3 am i need to go to bed with nibbles our rabbit and go to sleep. carol anne tried to sleep earlier after she finished her book but she couldnt so we got up again then. i think ill turn on some kidz bop music on our phone and listen for 20 minutes before we go to sleep.
night everybody
allie age 9