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Quote of the day 18 July

I will greet this day with love in my heart. And how will I do this? Henceforth will I look on all things with love and be born again. I will love the sun for it warms my bones; yet I will love the rain for it cleanses my spirit. I will love the light for it shows me the way; yet I will love the darkness for it shows me the stars. I will welcome happiness as it enlarges my heart; yet I will endure sadness for it opens my soul. I will acknowledge rewards for they are my due; yet I will welcome obstacles for they are my challenge.
Og Mandino

The little and not so little things from childhood game!

Little and not so Little things from Childhood

Simply answer the following questions in your own way. Giving as much or as little information as you want to. But where possible, and applicable, please remember to tell us what age you were at the time relevant to each answer. Don’t forget to link back here so others can see your answers.

  1. What is the first childhood memory that comes to mind? The day my little sister was born! I was 9 years old. Its a really happy memory for me. I remember jumping all around screaming “I have a sister, I have a sister”
  2. Did you have a imaginary friend or friends when you were a child? Not imaginary. I have the insiders though. I just didnt know it was did back then. I thought everyone heard voices like I did. I remember being 7 or something when I started thinking everyone heard the voices.
  3. What was your favourite television program or show as a child? It was a show called bosco. Bosco is a puppet who lives in a box. On the show he did things like activities and stuff. All the kids in ireland in the 80’s loved that sho. I was 3 when I began watching it.
  4. What is the first lie you can remember telling? Hmmmm, that I ate my vegetables when I didnt! I sneakily threw them away when nobody was looking. I think I was seven.
  5. What is the first good thing or kindness you can remember doing? Sharing my toys with my friend. i think I was about five at the time.
  6. What was your most favourite meal when you were a child? Beans and fish fingers! We ate that a lot because our family was poor. So I began to really like it.
  7. What was your least favourite meal when you were a child? I hated bacon and cabbage. I still do. Well bacon isnt so bad but cabbage? Ick.
  8. First book you can remember reading? Any enid blyton book. she wrote the famous five and the secret seven.
  9. Favourite book as a child? The twits by Roald Dahl. I think I was six when I first had it read to me.
  10. Were you ever part of a gang as a child? I was. I was part of the in crowd. I remember that vividly. It was a crowd of girls in my class in school.
  11. Favourite toy/teddy bear from your childhood? A bear called pudsy. I had him since I was very young. I slept with him every night.
  12. What was your most favourite sweet or candy from your childhood. It was pop rocks. Its candy that fizzes when you put it in your mouth. I was totally addicted to it. The other one I liked was eating paper. You literally would eat it!
  13. Tell us about the first school trip that you can remember going on. I remember going to a zoo. I was 3 I think. It was when I was in playschool. We got to pet some animals and I loved it.
  14. First record/track you remember listening to? OMG cringe time. I should be so lucky by Kylie minogue. I loved her. I went to see her in concert too when I was 8.
  15. First record/track you ever bought for yourself? A banana rama album. I think I was about 9. They were really popular in the 80’s.
  16. Favourite comic read as a child? I didnt read commics at all due to being blind.
  17. Favourite movie as a child? Annie. I knew every word to every song in the movie. I think I liked it so much because I could relate to Annie in a lot of ways.
  18. Favourite place to visit as a child? My grammas. We were really close. We’d spend hours talking or watching movies together.
  19. Favourite subject/class at school? English. and P.E. I enjoyed the obstacle courses. I also enjoyed writing essays.
  20. Did you ever insist on being called by a different name or nick name? Yes, all the time. It was because of the did, but again, I didnt know that back then. I only knew I wanted to be called other names, and not my own.
  21. An adult neighbour you MOST get on with? I liked my best friends mom. She was nice to me.
  22. Favourite smell from your childhood? The smell of cut grass, even though it makes me sneeze! I still like it today.
  23. What place or area did your parents say was ‘out of bounds’ but that you used to go to anyway? Their bedroom! I liked to mess in my moms clothes and things.
  24. Did you ever shoplift (steal from the local store)? No, thats one thing I never did.
  25. First dare you were ever given? I cant remember. I think it was at my friends birthday party a sleep over.
  26. Most embarrassing moment you remember? When I told all the neighbours I had head lice. Because I didnt understand it wasnt something that you broadcast to the whole world.
  27. If you could show us one place from your childhood where would it be? I think I’d show you my grammas house. I felt so safe there.
  28. Were you sporty, geeky, arty? How would you describe yourself in those contexts? I wasnt any of those. I suppose I was a little geeky I liked to learn. I liked to do things with my hands, or things that involved learning in some capacity.
  29. Favourite article of clothing? My track bottoms. And my fleecy tops.
  30. One thing said about you as a child? That I was clever! And talkative.
  31. Favourite game you played as a child? Ludo. I loved to play and I could beat almost everyone at it.
  32. Favourite childhood pastime? I enjoyed singing. I still do today.