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What I’m reading right now…

I’ve just downloaded the book called the child bride, by Cathy Glass. I am going to start reading it tonight. Once I am done, I will do a review for the blog. I should be done within 2 days. I get really hooked once I start reading any of Cathys books. This one looks really good!
Carol anne

Book review-The saddest girl in the world by Cathy Glass

I’ve just finished this amazing book. It was heartbreaking. But also a very enjoyable read, as are all of Cathy Glass’s books. This book was about a 10 year old called Dawn, Dawns family had been involved with social workers for 3 years before they were finaly taken into care. Dawn and her younger brothers were living together, but Dawn had to be moved, due to some problems with her siblings. So she came to live with Cathy and her family. It was while she lived there that the atrosities that she endured while living in her family home all came to light. Her mother was a drug and alcohol user, and frequently beat dawn, and expected her to clean their filthy house, never showed her any effection or was emotionally available to her. Dawn had a 14 year old sister who refused to go into care, and continued living with her abusive mother. Dawns father was a paranoid schizophrenic and it was usually Dawn who reminded him to take his medication. It came to light during the book that her mother had been hiding his medication. Also her mother had allowed dawns brothers to beat her when the house wasnt cleaned properly. Her mother would only abuse the boys when they got on her nerves, most of her abuse was directed towards Dawn, who seemed to be the scapegoat in the family. It came to light throughout the book that the mother was sexually abusive towards the boys also. During the story both Dawns teenage sister chelsea and also her mom both got pregnant, and both of their babies were taken from them into foster care. The book has a happy ending as Dawn got a permanent family, she was dual heritage her dad was black, so she went to live with a black family. In the early days of her stay with Cathy she’d have tremendous anger outbursts after contact with her family, which was taking place 3 times a week. Also she displayed hurtful behaviour towards Cathys own kids. Deep down though Dawn was a very hurt and traumatised little girl, who just wanted a family, and wanted to be loved. It was a fascinating book and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the foster care system, or anyone who enjoys non fiction true life stories. This story is a testament to what the human spirit can survive and the odds that some children have to face each and every day. My next book review will be something of a different kind of book, as I am going to take a break from real life stories and do a review of a book called bulimics on bulimia, which deals with bulimia from the sufferers perspective. So look out for that in the not to distant future. Carol anne

Book review-Will you love me? By Cathy glass

I’ve just finished an absolutely terrific book written by Cathy glass. It was called will you love me and it tells the story of Lucy, who Cathy fostered and eventually adopted.

Its written in two parts. Part one tells the story of Lucy’s early life. It goes from when she was a baby up until she was placed with Cathy at age 11. Part two tells the story of Lucys time with Cathy, from when she was placed up until permanency and eventually adoption.

Lucy was severely neglected by her mother from very early on in her life. She spent time living on the streets and in many different flats and houses with multiple carers. These included her mothers long term boyfriend and a string of his girlfriends. During the time these people cared for Lucy they severely neglected her and abused her.

Eventually when she came to live with Cathy she didnt trust anyone, having sought help from the social services only to feel they’d failed her because they didnt save her earlier in her life, and they kept moving her from foster home to foster home.

After months of living with Cathy and her family, she started to settle down. At first when she lived with Cathy her behaviour was really bad and she was very angry and had regular anger outbursts. She also hated all social workers and refused to see her social worker every time she would visit.

After a few months of fostering Lucy, Cathy applied to have her live with her permanently. But her application was turned down, because Lucys social worker believed that Cathy couldnt meet Lucys cultural needs “Lucys father was from thailand”. However after a change of social worker, and at a subsequent review the application went ahead and after a lot of months Lucy got to live with Cathy permanently.

10 months later, Lucy asked Cathy to adopt her. Subsequently this happened after her mother was informed and agreed. Throughout the book Lucys mother kept disappearing and as I said would leave Lucy with her boyfriend or strangers. Then when she went to live with Cathy, some contact resumed. However her mother was a drink and drug user and also suffered from depression so contact only took place infrequently.

I really enjoyed the book. Its very sad in parts but also very hopeful. It also shows the inadequacies of the foster care system and social services. It also shows that no matter where a child comes from, with love and the right kind of care and a proper family they can be helped and overcome their traumatic past. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is a foster parent, trainer, social work student, or anyone who has an interest in foster care or adoption.
Carol anne

Book review-Daddys little princes by Cathy Glass

I just finished a wonderful book. Its a true life story written by Cathy glass, a UK based foster carer. She’s written 19 books in total. This was her second book but you dont have to read the books in order of sequence to get the most out of them. I’ve read two others of her books and they are all equally as good as each other.

Daddys little princess is about Beth, a 7 year old who Cathy fosters when her father is sent into hospital for mental health related problems. During the first month living with Cathy, it comes to light that Beths father is abusing her, some inappropriate behaviours are discovered and Beth dresses very sexually in pretty dresses and she also wears a lot of make up. Cathy along with Beths fathers partner, and her teacher report their suspitions and an investigation takes place.

It turns out that Beths father is perpetrating emotional incest which is a form of abuse. There contact ceases for a while as both of them go into therapy to resolve the problems. Cathy, along with beths fathers partner also are involved in the therapy process. Eventually a decision about beths future is made, I wont spoil the ending for you potential readers, but it is an absolutely fabulous book. Cathys world is also turned upside down in the book by some personal life struggles in her marriage. I highly recommend this book and I give it 10 out of 10 for excellence.

Carol anne