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the therapy relationship, from bad, to good

i was vulnerable
i needed help
you were there
i trusted you
and our relationship grew
from strength to strength i thought
but really it did not
you led me to believe
you were the only person who could help me
you were there to pick up the pieces
when i’d fall
when i broke
when i crumbled
when i couldnt go on
but it was wrong
unhealthy and bad
it went on and on
and on for years
too many to count
i believed you were my saviour
the only one who would treat someone like me
who was so broken
so unfixable and unmendable
but that wasnt true
eventually one of us found the courage to leave
to seek help from someone else
someone who is far more devoted than you ever were
who has a strong sense of right and wrong
of good and healthy boundaries
of caring, compassion and commitment
that person, our therapist has helped us more in thhe past 3 years
than you ever did
and for that
for her
i am truly grateful
goodbye to you j
the old therapist
because we have let you go from our life
we’ve become stronger
more emotionally stable
and we are able to cope with our life
goodbye, J