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Anxiety strikes

Tonight I got really triggered. This guy came to my door, and I opened it not thinking. He said he was selling make up. I’m not sure if he was, he did try to show me eye shadows and stuff but I got very dissociated and fearful and could not take in what he was saying, I couldnt concentrate or think clearly, my head was foggy and fuzzy and I was freaking out I just wanted him gone! Eventually I managed to say that I am not interested and could he please leave, and he did. I’m still not the better of it. My anxietys through the roof. The good thing is I have CCTV on my house both front and back so he’s on camera and so if he comes back again I will have evidence! I know people go around houses selling things all the time but I dont trust that he was actually selling something. I wish I was not on edge so much! It really sucks to be constantly hypervigilent and overly anxious and on edge and I would like a break.