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Dr Barry and Coming off our meds

Yesterday when I saw Dr Barry I talked to her about my meds. My dissociation makes it hard for me to remember to take my meds, I more often than not forget about them, dont take them properly, etc. So I was saying this to dr Barry. And she said to me…do you think you’d like to come off more of your meds over the summer? That floored me. I was like oh yes I would, really I would. The meds make me gain weight, and I’d prefer not to take them. Right now I take sertraline, lyrica, and xeplion and depokate. She said we could decrease the lyrica, sertraline and depokate with a view to coming completely off of them by the end of the summer. We decided I should probably stay on the xeplion because that keeps us stable and it is like an ankor for us. I dont mind staying on that one as its just a once a month injection and I never miss it. Its the tablets that I have trouble with. So I am very happy. Dr Barry said that once we stay on the xeplion, and attend our weekly appointments with her and with Eileen, that she thinks we’ll do ok. That was so nice to hear. That she believes in us. And the fact that she actually wanted us to come off of the meds, was awesome. Usually psychiatrists are so pushy about meds, they hardly ever want you to come off of them. I’m glad we have a psychiatrist who believes that meds arent the be all and end all in recovery.

Taking meds

So for my psych meds, I take sertraline and xeplion. I know it doesnt seem like much. And it isnt. But I hate the sertraline. I hate that I need so much of it in order to function like a normal human being. I’m on 100 MG of that per day. Then there is the xeplion, which I take on a monthly basis, as it is an injection. I take 100 MG of that med too. I really dont like antipsychotics or being on one, but I have to admit it does help my psychotic symptoms and agitation. It is probably the only antipsychotic that I havent had serious side effects from. In fact I dont get any side effects. Well ok, I probably have weight gain from it, but I dont get shaking, slurred speech, muscular discomfort, drooling, etc. Which I am delighted about. The trade off of being pretty functional when I take it is a good trade in my opinion. Does anyone else hate their meds, or the fact they have to take meds in order to function properly every day?