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Weekend plans

Well another weekend has rolled around. And boy am I happy. I love the weekends. I think they’re my most favourite part of the week.
Friday was quiet. The public health nurse came to assess me for more PA hours. She was nice and I got along well with her. She’s really young, and I dont think she’s that long in the new job. She did not know a lot about me but said she’s currently making new files on all of her patients. She had recieved the letter that Dr Barry and Karen wrote and she said it was good. She also said she’d write a supporting letter for me when she was putting in the request for extra hours. She thinks that with dr Barrys letter and the one from her I will probably get the extra hours. I hope she is right as I could really do with them.
After she left I didnt do much for the rest of Friday. I was going to go to the basement club for their weekly members meeting but at the last minute I changed my mind. I was going to go to my parents for dinner because my sister was making spaghetti bolognes. But mom said she’d bring it to me instead so I let her do that. Dinner was lovely. I was starving by the time they brought it to me so I wolfed it down. Mom also brought me dessert of butterfly cakes with jam and cream in them…it was yummilicious.
I napped in the afternoon yesterday so then I did not sleep much last night. But thats ok because I usually dont need much sleep most of the time. This morning my PA will be coming and we’ll do my grocery shopping and some housework. I need her to mop the floors and vacume too. I also need to go to the post office to mail some packages out to people.
Tonight there is a barbecue at my aunts house for my cousins birthday. It will be a fun night I am sure with a lot of food and alcohol and general mayhem. When our family gets together we always have a laugh and lots of fun. I am really so looking forward to it. I bought myself some white wine and my aunt is making sangria so I will have some of that too. Luckily Sunday will not be a busy day so I will be able to relax and chill out and nurse my hangover. I hope all of my readers have a great weekend. What plans do you have for yours?

A fun weekend…

So the weekend was absolutely great. I went to Killarney, a town about 90 minutes from where I live. I went with my mom, sister, aunt, two cousins, and four of their friends. It was all girls, and we had a blast!
We went on the train. The weather was mostly horrible, but we didnt care, we were too busy having so much fun, that it didnt matter that the rain was bucketing down outside.
We just went for one night, could have done two, but at the time we booked it we didnt realise how much we’d enjoy it. We stayed in a hostel, my first experience of staying in such a place. We would have stayed in a hotel, but everywhere was booked up, and the few places which werent were charging astronomical prices.
The hostel was really clean and actually quite a nice place. Not that we saw much of it though lol. We basically just went there to throw our bags in our room, and then we were gone to the bars and clubs, and we didnt get back to the hostel till 4 AM. The bars and clubs were amazing. We started off in one bar, ate our dinner there, had a few drinks, there was music there but it wasnt great so we moved on to another bar. The second bar we went to had mostly a young crowd in it, like teens 18 to 21, so we didnt stay there long either. We finally went to a third bar where we stayed, there was a nightclub attached to it which some of the younger girls went to. I didnt go in to the club though, because there was a live band in the bar that were excellent. They really knew how to get the crowd going. After the band finished up, a disco started, it was still going when we left at 3 AM to go and get food.
We lined up in a small fast food place, and oh man I almost got squashed, I never saw such a huge line of people, all pushing and shoving trying to get in, skip the line, etc. I didnt really like that part. But we got our food, I sent my sister to get mine, while my mom took me outside away from the crowd. We ate our food on our way home.
I shared a room with my mom and my aunt, and when we got home I fell into bed. I was after drinking about 12 drinks, and was quite tipsy. I slept the longest out of everyone, I went to sleep at about 4 30 and didnt wake till 11 30 the next day. And by then everyone else was up and dressed and showered, after coffee, so I had rush to get ready and leave the hostel as we had to be out by 12 noon.
We went back to the very first bar we’d been in, ate breakfast, and then started drinking again. What fun we had. We took over the place lol. We were playing music on our phones, singing songs, just generally having fun and being crazy lol. At one point the bar man came over and said we were making too much noise and could we calm down a little bit. So we tried, but that didnt last too long lol. We left at 5 to go get our train home, we almost missed that because we were so late leaving the bar. When we did get to the train station, me and my mom couldnt get tickets, there was no ticket office open. Everyone else had gotten return tickets the day before, and I didnt, as I had a pass and so I didnt pay for my ticket, I thought there’d be a ticket office there. So me and mom just took our chances and got on the train without a ticket. Luckily nobody stopped us and we got home ok, but mom was so worried that the ticket inspector would come on and find out and throw us off the train. I had to keep telling her that if he did I’d talk to him and that it would be ok. When we got back to Cork we went to my aunts to finish off the party. We had an amazing time, and we ordered pizza, drank, and at 11 our aunt was wrecked so she gave us a subtle hint that we should leave and go home which we did.
I must say it was one of the funnest and best weekends I’ve had in a long time. I hope over the summer we can do something like that again. Now my readers know how much the irish love to party, and we’re good at it too lol. There were americans and canadians in the bar yesterday afternoon, I think they thought we were all crazy, but we gave them a good laugh.

The past few days

so the weekend was pretty quiet, all things considered. the family are still pretty consumed by our grandads passing, last Friday mom and her siblings went to his house, to try and sort out the insurance policies, and other things. His ashes came back from the crematorium. They’re in two boxes, half of them are being spread on our grammas grave, and the other half are being spread on his parents grave. Thats what he wanted.
on saturday i had my new P.A, my regular one is off for two weeks. The new girl is african, and she was nice, we hit it off. She did a lot of housework for me, then we went to mcdonalds to have a frape. it was my first time to taste a frape, and man it was good! i got a caramel one.
i usually spend the weekend at my parents but this weekend I didnt do that. not sure why, but I think I just wanted my own space, and some alone time at home just me and nitro. It was nice. On sunday I did go to my parents for dinner. Then on Sunday evening me and mom went to our aunts house. We just had a catch up and they had some drinks, I didnt drink though.
Today is a bank holiday here. We are going to a local garden centre with our mom and aunts, we’ll have lunch there, and look around, I might even buy a plant or two!

Having a pretty good weekend

Well my weekends been pretty good I suppose. I didnt stay at my parents like I usually do. Instead yesterday morning me and mom did my grocery shopping, I’ve started going for my groceries now with mom every saturday. We also go for coffee too which is nice. It is nice to get to spend a little time alone with mom. So after getting the groceries she helped me unpack and then she helped me a little around the house too before my lil sis picked her up. I spent a nice afternoon chilling at home yesterday before phoning my aunt at around six Pm last night to see if I could visit. It turns out mom was at my aunts, she’d gone there after visiting my uncle in hospital, and so I decided to get a taxi and go visit my aunt. It was a great visit. We chatted and mom and my aunt had a few drinks, I didnt drink. We had food and listened to music and had a girly night and it was a lot of fun. It ended up I dropped mom home and by the time I got to my house it was past midnight and I was exhausted so went straight to bed. I slept in late today which was nice as I dont normally do that. I got up at 8 to feed Nitro and let him out and then I went back to bed till 11. I’ve just been pottering around the house all morning since then and now I’m waiting for mom to bring my dinner. My lil sis is also calling with the kids because tomorrow my niece Lauren will be 7, but I wont see her then so I am giving her birthday present to her today. I got her some dolls, barbies, which are mummified, yes, she wanted them. Its a surprise for her, my lil sis picked them out but she told me Lauren had been talking about wanting them. I cant believe she’s going to be 7, those 7 years went by so fast.