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Protected: “Why Can’t I Stop Hurting Myself?” 12 Thoughts about That.

For years we have self harmed, not everyone in the sysem does it, but a good number do, they do it for many reasons, to feel, to know they are alive and not dead, to stop the hurt and pain. This post explains in great detail why self harm is an addiction.

Discussing Dissociation


So why is it so hard to stop self-injury?

I mean, there are pages and pages of good distraction techniques out there in the world. Fifty really good ideas were mentioned in previous blog posts. Shouldn’t that be enough to make it stop?

For many people, it is not.

Why is it so very very difficult to change self-destructive behavior? Why do people hurt themselves?

“Why can’t I stop hurting myself?”

I’ve been asked that a million times, if I’ve been asked that once.

I don’t think there is one simple answer for that. In fact I know there is not one simple reason. There are more likely to be 100 different reasons, probably more. Self injury goes much deeper than the surface behavior.  The roots go deep into  family patterns, learnings, and thinking processes.

My best guess is that the thinking for Self-Injurers varies some from…

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