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30 days of dissociative identity disorder-day 2

Day Two: Who knows about your system? Who do you want to know? What do you feel like it’s like coming out as multiple?
Very few people know. My treatment team knows. Our psychiatrist really gets it and gets us. She’s amazing. Very kind, caring and a great listener. We’re blessed to have her in our life and on our treatment team. Our therapist is another of our treatment team who knows everything and really gets it and is very understanding. Some of our treatment team only know select things. Like for example our nutritionist and our occupational therapist know we’re multiple, but they don’t know specific insiders names, or they don’t know much about our daily struggles, say for example they would not know as much as our psychiatrist or therapist would know. A few close friends know about all of us. However the majority of people we know don’t know. We like it that way. Did is so misunderstood that it feels very exposing to out ourselves to most people. For fear of rejection. For fear of ridicule. For fear of misunderstandings and non acceptance. Its better to keep it to ourselves unless we really know or trust the person we’re telling.

30 days of dissociative identity disorder-day one

Day One: Describe your system. What kind of system, how big, anything you feel is a good introduction.

Our system is large. Very large. We’re a polyfragmented did system. Basically, the short version of that is, we’re over 100 insiders. But in fact our system is very large indeed. We’re a trauma based multiple. There are many people in our system of many ages, with many likes and dislikes. We have people inside of all ethnicities, black, white, hispanic, you name it, we have it. Boys, girls, even animals, and angels…We are a ritual abuse survivor so that kinda complicates things somewhat. Some insiders are programmed, this was part of our abuse. If you’d like to know more, just ask?