More grounding techniques to try

1.Keep your eyes open and your feet on the ground.

2.Hold a stuffed animal or another comforting object.

3.Hold something that is cold or put a frozen bag of vegetables on your neck.

4.Listen to calming music.

5.In a public place,tune in to another persons voice provided it’s either neutral or calming.

6.If alone,call a friend.

7.Create a safe place inside where you can imagine when feeling dissociated.

8.Breathe mindfully,focusing in each breath in and each breath out with your eyes open.

9.Choose a grounding phrase that you can say to yourself,such as “I’m an adult now and I’m safe”.

10.Listen to a tape of your therapists voice.

11.Carry a small medicine bag with objects that are meaningful to you.

12.Go for a walk.

13.Don’t forget the littles,read them a story,sing them a song or watch some cartoons or a funny movie they like.


I hope these will help.


9 thoughts on “More grounding techniques to try”

  1. Thank you for this – I’m not DID, but live with trauma and these techniques will be great for moments when the wave starts crashing. But most of all – thanks for sharing. You’re all opening a pretty incredible world up for me, and helping me understand a lot of things in my life

  2. Well I hug a little one, focus on my breathing, go to a place in my mind and say a phrase. But the other day when I had a panic attack my friend made me go outside focus on five objects I could see, four sounds, 3 things I could feel, 2 things I could smell, 1 thing I could taste. Took forever to work but it did distract me.
    🙂 good luck

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