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friday morning

I finally lay down and tried to sleep at around 2 AM. I tossed and turned all night long. Did not really sleep at all. Brought Nitro on the bed with me for a while, I always feel safer with him on the bed with me.
The voices are still there, but not as loud as they were. I am glad. I really get agitated when they start up. I’ll take any reprieve I can get from them.
Am at the basement club this morning. Its pretty quiet here. Todays an open day so there are a lot of new faces around. One of the staff is off this week so the other two are quite busy. There is usually a members meeting on a Friday but today is the open discussion meeting, where we pick a topic and have a discussion about it. Todays topic is hobbies. I’ve never gone to an open discussion meeting so it will be good to go and see what its all about.
I’ll be going straight to therapy from here later this afternoon. I should really eat some lunch as I wont have dinner till about 6 tonight. I might go grab something in a little bit.

Not a very productive day

Today was not very productive. I did sleep well last night which was good because I really needed the rest. I’ve had a few bad nights lately sleep wise but after learning yesterday that I’d be having a second therapy session this week and knowing I’d be able to hopefully work on some stuff and resolve it I was able to finally relax and sleep well.
Today I stayed in bed late. I woke up at around 6, fed Nitro, and then went back to bed and managed to sleep on and off till around 11.
My home help came at around 1 and we fixed lunch. We were able to chat as we did that. She was telling me all about her recent weight loss surgery that she had. I really want to lose weight, but I seriously would not go for weight loss surgery, it sounds so restrictive.
After she left I went to my parents for the afternoon. I ended up staying there tonight. My sister came with the kids and it was just nice to spend time with them. Its her birthday on Saturday but she isnt doing anything, she has no plans anyway for it.
I got a text from my cousin that she’s having a bbq for her birthday in two weeks time, so I’m all excited for that. Its going to be a girly night with just all of us girls and we’ll have drinks along with the BBQ. First though there is a girly weekend this weekend, we’re going overnight to a nice town about an hour away from where we live, and we’ll probably go shopping, and there will be drinks on Sunday night too.
Tomorrow is Friday yay Friday I’m in love.
I’m going to the basement club in the morning for a while, then will have therapy later on in the afternoon.
I’m ready for the weekend!

Second session

Well, after the bad night I had last night, I texted Eileen this morning, and I told her I was very triggered, she called me back and we talked.
She offered me an extra session On friday afternoon. And I gladly took it. We dont do extra sessions often, more often than not we just do phone check ins, but she knew I wasnt ok, she knew I needed more than that. She knows dr Barry is away this week, so my second support person is not around, and between herself and Dr Barry, they know me inside out, all aspects of my life. It was very sweet of her to offer me the second session. I really really appreciate it and we definitely have a lot to discuss on Friday.