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Tomorrows gonna be busy

Well tomorrow it is going to be all go here. I have a busy day. But busy is good, right?

In the morning I see Mark our occupational therapist. We’ll have an hour long appointment. Its real early, at 8:15 AM. I’ll have to leave the house at around 7:45 AM. I think we’re gonna finish doing the interest list, and we also have to feed back to each other the information we got, for example he was finding out about singing lessons for me, and I was finding out about tandem cycling and the gym. We each did some of the work so that it would be more of an equal partnership and not just him doing it all and me just following his lead.

After I see him, well a few hours afterwords. I am going to the basement club to do my voluntary work for two hours. Thursday is my day for volunteering. I’m looking forward to it. Each week brings new challenges. And I like working there, giving something back as they’ve helped me a lot.

It will be a long day but because its busy I probably wont feel the time slipping by. I’m glad. I like being active.
Carol anne