My first day of school

So today was my first day of school. And it was great. I didnt sleep too well last night, only managing 2 hours in total. After getting up at 7:45, I showered and ate a bowl of cerial and drank some coffee. I had to leave at 9:45 AM. Normally class starts at 9 but because this is just the induction week its starting at 10:30 each day, with a 9 AM start on Thursday. When I got there the instructors were on their coffee break. But one of them came over to me and she made a point of asking me what I wanted to tell the other class members about Nitro, and whether I wanted to do it myself or have her do it for me. I told her to let them know not to pat him if he was working, and also not to feed him. She also asked me if I was ok with people helping me around the building, I said yes I’d welcome that. At 10:30 we went in to our class and started the induction process. Basically its going to take 3 weeks, they’re easing us into the course I think. Today we just went over the rules of the college, we talked about sick days and holidays and annual leave, we discussed our weekly payment and the school secretary came in and we had to sign forms so that we could be put on their system. The manager of the college also came to talk to us for a couple of minutes. We will have 3 instructors on the course, all female. There are 8 modules, including word processing, spreadsheets, database, the internet, work experience, communications, etc. At the end of each module there is an exam. At the end of our first year we will recieve our qualification. Then we can go on to do work experience in the second year, some people do and some dont. Some choose to just get their initial qualification and then leave. The instructor told us that every Monday the instructors have to do admin work for an hour and a half so we will have a 10:30 AM start on Mondays. Thats nice at the start of the week, not to have to get up super early after the weekend. I was pretty nervous this morning going in but once I got there the nervousness disapated and I settled down. The instructor told us of the supports which are available to us while we’re there. Some of which are a psychologist to talk to us if we’re struggling or need outside resources, a rehabilitation officer who we can talk to if things are impacting our training, a resource teacher to help if your struggling with maths or english etc. Of course I’ll also have Eileen and Dr barry and Mark the OT too. So I am very lucky with the supports that I have. Overall though it was a great day and a great start and I am very happy with how today went.

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