Appointment with my OT Mark

I met with our OT Mark today. We had met two weeks ago and started a plan for going back to college. Basically we did a kinda care plan and a plan of action around my anxietys. Its called anticipation and preparation. Today we were just finishing it off. I almost didnt make it this morning, as I went to bed quite late and so when it came time to get up I was being lazy. But eventually I got out the door and I’m so glad I did. Mark has written everything out in a kinda bullet point format. He’s going to email it to me as soon as he gets a chance. Then it will be up to me what I do with it. I plan on giving a copy to my key worker in college, and I told Mark to put a copy in my file for Dr Barry to read. I also plan on sharing it here and with some other friends. Mark suggested that once I start college that instead of me going to meet him once a month at the day hospital, he could come to me instead. This I thought was a great idea. It will also save me some money on taxi costs. The school are ok with him coming to see me there too. They know him as he’s attended meetings on my behalf with the manager of the college and the college psychologist. It actually makes sense for him to come to me otherwise I’d be trying to get to our appointment for 8:15 AM and then on to college and I’d be about an hour late as the classes start at 9 AM. Mark told me that between now and my start date if I need anything to feel free to call him and he even said that next week if anything comes up for me and I needed to see him he would be able to slot me in. I doubt I’ll need to see him though before I start. I will probably call him after my first day though just to let him know how it all went.

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