feelins feelins

its me alicia. if you dont know i am 9. i feel so crummy tonight. my head hurts. my heart hurts. everywhere just hurts. and i dont have anyone to talk to about it. eileen is on holidays. i cant text dr barry. i dont think i should bother our friends. i feel so lonely and alone. why did eileen have to go on vacation? its not fair! i feel like she left us and just went and i feel like she’ll never come back. she did say she’d be back. she doesnt lie well she hasnt ever lied to me. its so hard waiting. she told me to text her a few days before our therapy session, to remind her to charge up her digital recorder so she can read us the story she promised to read to us. i am so looking forward to her reading to us. that will be fun. and special. is it ok for me to feel special? loved? cared for? because that is how i will feel when she reads to us. like someone loves and cares about me. its hard being a kid. feelings suck. when you dont really understand grown up things, when you want things and cant have them, when your hurting and there is nobody to tell, it all just sucks.
alicia age 9

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