Seeing Dr Barry and my messed up sleep

I saw Dr Barry this morning. I was pleasantly surprised when I went to my appointment to see that the waiting room was almost empty. So I didnt have long to wait before dr Barry came to get me. We had a pretty low key session today. We just talked about our recent appointment with the OT Mark, and we talked about my injection and what I will do once I start college about getting it. I think I have it worked out. Helen the clinic nurse has offered to come in at 7 30 in the morning so that I can get the injection before I go to college. I get it once a month. It was nice of her to offer to do that for me. Dr Barry asked me how I was doing with Eileen being on vacation. I said I’d been mostly ok but last night was hard and I really missed her. I told her if I can keep busy its not so bad. We discussed my sleep as its pretty non existent at the moment. I keep waking during the night, I must have woken four times last night. Its so annoying. I dont really nap during the day so you’d think I’d be really tired by bedtime. I’ll just have to keep working on strategies to cope with it as I am not going to ask for meds. I’m sure once school starts up it will get easier as I’ll be extra tired. We talked about my holiday and I told her all about what we did. It was a short appointment as I’ll see her again on Wednesday.

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