Saw Dr Barry today, and the meeting that Our OT attended for us

Just home from an appointment with Dr Barry. It was a good appointment as always.
We mostly discussed stuff around college, especially my anxiety around that. I told her that I was afraid I would become unstable again when I start, that the stress of doing the course would cause me to decompress. I know when I start the course we will have teething problems, mostly due to my blindness, and the fact that I am the first blind person to do this particular course. They’ve had parcially sighted people before but not someone whose totally blind. So I do know there will be problems. I told Dr barry that I did not want my mental illness to be the focus point, but that I’m afraid when I start it will take a dive and I will become unstable again. Dr Barry said that she can understand why I am worried, but she said she thinks I’ll be ok, that I’ve spent the last 12 months stabilising and doing lots of hard work in therapy, and that she doesnt think that I will undo it. She’s hopeful I wont. She said to take things slowly and I should be ok. Mostly our appointment today focused on the college stuff, it was a shorter than usual appointment, I was done in 30 minutes when usually I am with her for an hour or more.
Yesterday Mark our OT went to a meeting with the school psychologist and the manager of the college and himself about me and about what supports I’ll need in order that I can deal with my mental illness effectively. He rang me when he was finished and he said it all went off ok. Apparently they wanted to know what they should tell the other trainees on the course, whether they should mention our did to them or not. Mark told them to consult me about it, but that he thought I wouldnt want them to mention it, as I dont usually tell just anyone, that I prefer to only tell those who I think will have an understanding of the disorder. He told the school that if there was a problem with my mental health or if I was in crisis that I’d contact either my psychiatrist dr Barry or my therapist Eileen, he said to leave it up to me to do that which the school agreed to do. He told them that I prefered to keep my mental illnesses separate from the academic side of things, that I am there to learn about IT stuff, and not to focus on my mental illness. They seemed to be ok with that which I am glad about. I am meeting Mark tomorrow to discuss the anxiety and ptsd stuff so I will probably talk omore to him then about stuff. Yesterdays call was just to touch base after the meeting.
I told Dr Barry today that we’re going away for the weekend, me, my mom, my sister and her kids. I’m so looking forward to it too. It will be nice to get away for a couple of nights and I know we’ll have a good time.

4 thoughts on “Saw Dr Barry today, and the meeting that Our OT attended for us”

  1. You are a super brave incredible person- your mind has all of the positive stuff you can give it it seems. Best of luck

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