Its been a pretty good day

Todays been good.  I slept really good last night which makes a change.  Got up early today well at 9 15 AM which is early but late for me lol.  I ate a healthy breakfast of cerial and toast and then I got dressed and went to the store with my mom.  I decided to treat myself to some new clothes. I need new clothes for college but I was going to wait another couple of weeks before I got any.  Then on the spur of the moment I decided to buy two dress tops.  They’re really pretty.  I will post pics along with this post.  I got them on the sale rail too so I lucked out they were pretty cheap.  We came home and ate dinner which my dad cooked.  It was yummy, potatos both mashed and roasted, roast chicken, carrot, turnip and parsnip with gravy.  After dinner I did my email and just relaxed for a couple hours.  Went on facebook and posted pics on there of my new tops which my mom could not for the life of her understand why i did that.  Then this evening we went to my aunts for drinks, but I didnt drink alcohol I just had a cup of coffee and then drank water the rest of the night.  My mom came too and another of my aunts, at the end of the night the other aunt that came dropped us to moms.  We’re staying at our parents another night and going home after seeing dr barry tomorrow.  Early start in the morning because we’re seeing dr barry at 9 30 AM.  Tomorrow marks the start of the two weeks that eileen is away.  So far things are going quite well because we’re keeping busy and our mind is occupied.  We’re doing lots of things like eileen said to do.

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