it turned into a busy Saturday

> Well my day got very busy. i got up at 6 even though i’d set my alarm to go off between 7 30 and 8 AM. I got the sleep cycle alarm clock last night and started using it and I love it. Its a really useful ap. I only payed 99 cent for it too which was nice. Its totally accessible too which I like. Anyway. My PA came at 9 AM and we cleaned my house. She washed my dishes which she didnt have to do so that was nice. She vacumed and put my washing on and hung out my wet washing to dry. She took out my rubbish and cleaned my work surfaces and stuff too which I was happy about. At 10 aM we walked for 2 miles to the local grocery store, it took us half an hour to walk 2 miles. I was exhausted when we got there but at least i got my exercise in for the day. We had breakfast in the restaurant at the store. I had toast and some sausages and a mug of hot tea. After we ate we went to the grocery part because I needed some stuff. I didnt need much but I did buy sparkling water, 8 bottles of it, 2 litre bottles. I also got honeydew melon, bllueberries, crisp breads, cream cheese which was low fat, and cashu nuts unsalted ones. We got a taxi home because there is no way we could have carried all that stuff. When we got home and packed the stuff away my PA did my ironing which there was quite a lot of. Then it was time to go to our parents and she dropped me off there. I had lunch of cream cheese on crisp breads and some melon. Now I’m just catching up on my email and texting with friends and blogging. I’m going to have a prertty chilled out evening, I dont have any plans. I like when I can relax though too, thats always nice. My sister wont be coming to our moms today or tomorrow because she’s going out with friends and also with her partners sister..they’re going to take their kids some places. So its just us and our parents and the dogs. Hope your all having a great Saturday. > carol anne

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