Yesterday was a great day

Yesterday turned out to be a wonderful day. I went out for the day with a group from the basement club. We went to Killarney, a local tourist spot about an hour and a half away from where we live. We went on a bus which was annoying, because I’m not a huge fan of traveling on buses, and then while we were on the bus we had a bit of a drama with another passenger. She was trying to hold a seat for her friend who was getting on at another stop but the driver said she wasnt allowed to hold a seat and then all hell broke lose. I had two seats because Nitro was with me and I was just waiting for something to kick off and for someone to say I was in the wrong…but luckily nobody said anything. When we got to killarney we went for lunch. I had sweet and sour chicken with rice which was really tasty. We had a choice of four dishes from their menu. After lunch we went to an icecream parlour for icecream. It was pretty expensive but the staff at the basement club payed for all of us so that was nice. The icecream was home made and there were some unique flavours like butterscotch, irish coffee, rum and raisin, honeycomb, etc. Of course they had vanilla and chocolate too but I got honeycomb and it was absolutely gorgeous. We all got small cones and I’m glad because you could not eat a ton of that ice cream, it was too lucious. After we’d finished our ice cream some of the members of the group went shopping, while others of us went to the national park, before we came home on the bus again. So it was a good day and I’m glad I went. When I came home I went to my parents for a few hours. Then last night I crashed because I was so tired out. Today I am seeing Eileen and Karen the nutritionist. I see Karen at 12:30 for my weigh in and I see eileen at 3:30.

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