a mommy? for dr barry and eileen

dr barry, can you hear me? will you listen?
eileen, you too.
i need a mommy. i know you think i have one. but i dont. she is the bodys mom yes, but not mine.
she doesnt want to knoe or see me. it makes me sad. i need a mom.
can you be my mom? both of you? then I’d have two mommys? Please?
my heart gets happy when i talk to you. because you care. your special. i love both of you.
eileen because you listen to me even when i’m angry, or scared, or pissed off. Dr Barry because you give me good advice, your kind, even though your a doctor you dont act like one.
i need a mom and i’m picking both of you to be that special person for me.
will you take care of me? will you wipe my tears when i cry? will you soothe me when i’m sad, and get mad with me when i get mad? will you hear what it is i have to say?
i just need a forever mom. i know you cant adopt me so i can live with you, but can i be adopted in your hearts? please?
love, alicia 9

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