Another sleepless night, sigh

Omg does it ever end? When will I sleep at the right time! My sleep patterns are so all over the place. I really need to work on my sleep and sleeping at appropriate times. I’m so bad at that.
I slept in the afternoon yesterday for about 3 hours. I wouldnt have woken at all except my mom called and the phone woke me. It was just as well as it was late and I hadnt let nitro out to pee. So I did that and then I stayed up and did email and skyped with my friend Sarah.
This morning I am seeing dr Barry. I usually see her in the afternoon but she asked me to come at 9 AM today because she’s down one junior doctor. Thats ok with me I’m up anyway so I dont mind going there at an earlier time.
Eileen texted yesterday and asked if I could come on Thursday instead of Friday but I couldnt because I’m going on a day outing with the basement club. So she said it was ok I could just come as planned on Friday at 3:30. It was cool to text back and forth with her for a couple minutes. Emily whose 12 also texted her to tell her she hadnt thrown up or exercised too much, and that she was happy we were losing weight. They texted a couple of times too which emily was delighted about. She kept putting kisses at the bottom of her messages and smily faces and the one for a face throwing a kiss. She’s too cute. All the kids adore eileen.
Its pouring outside right now. We’ve had nothing but rain for the entire month of July. Its depressing.

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