Book review-The night the angels came, by Cathy Glass

I just finished this book a few days ago. And as usual it was a great read.
This is Michaels story. It is an unusual case for Cathy in that Michael did not come from an abusive family or one that neglected his needs. Michael was very much loved.
The reason Michael came into foster care was that his dad was terminally ill. He was dying of cancer. He needed someone to look after Michael when he went into hospice and when he eventually died.
The book is poignant in so many places. Patrick who is michaels dad is such a kind, caring, gentle man. He wins Cathys heart and the hearts of her family.
In the early part of the book Michael comes to Cathy while his dad is in and out of hospital due to his illness. Each time he stays a couple of days or weeks. He is not a permanent foster child in Cathys home like in her other books where the child she’s looking after stays for a long time maybe a year or more.
Patrick also gets to know Cathy. They go out together for a meal, and they’re two families are closely in contact with one another, they go swimming together, and do other activities to allow michael to get acquainted with Cathy and her children. But while all this is happening of course Cathy and her children become very close to Patrick.
Patrick realises this too and during one of his hospital stays he makes the decision that he should put some distance between himself and Cathy and her children for the sake of everyone. He doesnt want them unduely effected by his illness and impending death.
Cathy takes Michael to visit his dad in hospital. One of the most poignant parts of the book is the very last time Michael visits his dad when his dad is unconscious in the hospice. He sits talking to his dad and just spending quality time with him. And on that night his dad dies.
During the book patricks friends nora and jack, and coleen and eamon are prominant figures. They are patricks dearest and oldest friends. It turns out that Coleen and Eamon offered to look after Michael when pat dies. But so did Cathy. She had mentioned this to pat early on when they’d been out together. Cathy did not know that Coleen and Eamon had also offered to look after michael, so it came as a huge shock. In the end Michael does to go Eamon and Coleen, because they are his god parents, and also they’ve known him since he was a baby. In the end it is the decision of both stella michaels social worker, and Michael as to where he should live. And he chooses to live with Coleen and eamon.
It is a really fabulous and touching book with a lot of depth and emotional parts. I really liked it and I’m sure you will too. Be prepared for many emotional scenes and sad parts but also lots of happy moments too. I think anyone whose going through terminal illness or the death of a loved one should read it. Also foster parents, social workers etc.

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