Nitros vet visit

So last Saturday morning I took Nitro to the vets. Usually he is good at the vets, although he doesnt particularly like having things done, being poked at by the vet etc. I initially took him in because I thought he had ear mites and also he needed his anal glands expressed. The vet is lovely and first she weighed him. He’s a little overweight so needs to lose a few kilos. He’s already lost 2 kilos and when I weighed him on Saturday he was down another 300 grams. He needs to lose about 5 more pounds, but he’s steadily losing the weight so I’m happy with his progress. After I told the vet about why I brought him in, she checked him over. She said she’d do an ear swab to check for mites. But when she put it under the microscope she said he didnt have any. She said his ears looked very red and inflamed and so she thought he had allergies and an ear infection too. So she gave him a steroid injection and an antibiotic in injectible form too and then she gave me a weeks worth of antibiotics for him and also some ear drops for a week. She also looked in his mouth and said he has a lot of tartar on his teeth, he’s pretty young to have gum disease and stuff going on but she told me to buy a solution to put in his water, that should hopefully get rid of the tartar, and if not, he’ll have to go on special food. The total bill was 150 euro, I was shocked at that. The drugs at 90 euro were the most expensive part of it. But I was so proud of Nitro he was such a good boy and didnt even flinch when he had his ears cleaned, he actually seemed to enjoy it, like it was a relief to him or something. I’ve to bring him back for a check up next month but I usually go once a month anyway to buy his food, flea treatment, etc so that suits me fine to do that. Since he started the drugs he’s doing a lot better and he isnt shaking hardly at all which is a good sign.

2 thoughts on “Nitros vet visit”

  1. I’m happy to hear that Nitro seems to be doing better. Here’s a funny story: I have a standard poodle and in order to have her ears cleaned one time, the vet had to sedate her. That was also to clip her front paws. She hates her front paws clipped. You get near them and she screams like she’s dying. She is quite the diva. 🙂 She is a bit better now. At least, no more sedation. Great post!

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